May 5, 2005

American Idol and Fuel Prices

Last nite, Bo Bice was doing very well, so do Vonzell and finally, as that I've been waiting for so long, Scott is voted out!

For the next week, let us pray that Anthony will be one the next kickouts! He should be eliminated earlier.

Starting by today, The fuel price will increase will increase by 20 sen for diesel and 10 sen for petrol.

Old Price :: RM1.42
New price :: RM1.52

Old Price :: RM0.88
New Price :: RM1.08

My full tank now would be mor ethan RM60 after this. My lorry full tank would be more than RM40 after this.

That's a lot of money!! RM60, in my case wouldn't last longer than 3 days!

What the government is trying to do!

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