February 24, 2010

Full tummy with empty minded

For the past few weeks, there were so many things had been going on and a lot of things are gonna change for good.

People have been hard but luckily life is not as sucks as what other people might have thought of. I gained weight as a result of totally not exercising even though attempts were made to play badminton, last few weeks back, but the shift pattern of my job makes it hard on me.

There are also futsal session arranged by the mates in the office but again the shift pattern disallow me to join them whenever they have it held, just in front o my office.

Unless I got the guts to leave my desk and shut my mobile off and ready to get tonnes of warnings the next day on.

These, are plus my laziness as well. A tiring day at work (which normally a day with not so much of work, of which I would normally youtubing or facebooking for most of the time) causing me to be helplessly lazy to move around, even to go out to eat, but making your own maggi at the kitchen is one bad thing that I must stop doing it, especially late night, and when I'm alone.

The fact that my wife is away would help me to reduce my consumption of food is neverthelessly false.

I should from now on start to read for more. The amount of my brain nerves responding time towards my search request for wording/vocabulary, either in English or Malay is worrying. For most of the time, the words uttered from my mouth are actally the result of immediate biological response of my body; instead of actually my brain should do the thinking before saying things out.

As for example, a helpdesk operator were telling me he's gonna make the call I was asking for, of which I should have said "Thank You" or "I will hold on the line".

I stupidly replied with "Yes, HOLD ON" (You may start laugh now)

These phenomenon had numerously causing me problem with people, and it was worse when I was mad at something. I didn't totally freaked out but sometimes it hurts other people feeling.

One good thing to do is not to accumulate your anger inside your mind, as for I can conclude today, your tummy would need to balance it off; by making you eating more.

This may have been the stupidest conclusion afterall but I need to tell myself something and act upon it.

My waist is already 36 for the record. :(

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