January 30, 2005

Bee Acupunture :: And I'm so lucky to be a Malaysian!!

Resulting from various races, Malaysia is a nation, rich in culture and tradition. I'm so lucky to be living in such a peaceful and rich country like Malaysia. Malaysians are so lucky to be having access to thousand of wonders, of which we can just get anything, everything, just name it.

Have u ever heard about people who are so used to be 'stinged' by the bee will be having more immunities towards diseases and sicknesses?

There is a method of treatment, acupuntural based using the bee stings to actually cure up the diseases contained in out body. How does it work? As yesterday was my first time seeing it lively, to be applied to my own father yesterday, it was painful and I'd never seen my father it such a pain.

It was as easy as, pick the bee using the claw, direct the sting to the point on the skin, it stinged and throw the rest of the body into the bin. A sting would be fine but what about a hundred plus of stings?

No wonder last week, when my brother and syster tried it for the first time, they told my mom why should my father let this to happen to them, it's killing them! But both of them, combined were having less then 50 stings after all!

Only this morning, my father can wake up and and walk around, just after I passed him the reader's digest, i guess, it would be like a drug that would make someone forget what happening around. He wasn't sleeping, while I was out seeing a friend whose coming down to Johor to visit me

This treatment was said to be able to treat people with eyesights, sinus, and so many other sicknesses. The guy who was doing this, were said to be having a very bad sinus, but now he's cured + a smooth and clean face, he look so young now, even though he's already reaching his late 40s.

Each treatment will cause around RM60-RM100, and I highly would love to suggest the treatments to all readers, my friends who were having such an endless sickness. The most unbelievable cure potential was 'stroke', which my late uncle was sufferiing for the last 7 years, he said, stroke was somekind of easy, but the hospital was able to do nothing about it. What's with the modern medicine? I'm getting less and less belief in theirs now.

I'm also more towards believing in traditionals, herbs and homeopathy.

And well, I might be doing it tonite. I'm ready to rumble!!!

* new word to learn :: alopathy - modern medicine as oppose to homeopathy.


I'm not the type who read books or reading, but i think i've just started my fascination over The Reader's Digest. Starting from reading the food that harms and the food that heals, my father has just showed me an article about how did Bush wins the election again, which has made a great sensible causes, either they're factual or fiction, it made sense to me.

I just found out that, what fascinates me was the harmonious of the language and the story. I fell in love with the articles i read. It was like listening to a story, lively presented by the author. How wonderful...!

For the first time ever, i was reading in the office, continuing my passions over the Reader's Digest as I've got nothing much to do, I was reading the Reader's Digest. As I slept late last nite, reading a super nice mag wouldn't stop me from sleeping, which wouldn't last for long.

A flood of scraps is coming over. The first delivery was sent in 3 lorries, amounted around 24 tonnes. I was there to help in unloading all the metal pieces into our store.

I was there till up to 11 o'clock that nite. There're tonnes of metals in our stores (which my estimates was around 80-90 tonnes all.

Later that nite, as I was trying to finish this journal, I fell asleep in front of the TV, ya know I was so ambitious, as I was so tired of work, I was still hoping that I can watch tv, write blog, chat, sms and sleep late at the same time.

Saturday, went to the office and continue reading about how a lady managed to handle the Roman treasury recovery work. Just by keeping her words and promises, everything seems to be easy for her, and people are just getting to love her just for a few days.

Within 4 months of work, she manages to dug out more than 90 treasures worth of millions; in terms of dollars and values of memories.

And of course, it's the february release, so the Reader's Digest was so full of love, all about love, which made me to be more realized that love is so important, even reader's digest features love as the theme for this month.

January 28, 2005

No man is an island.....

It was in the 'about a boy' movie, there was like the so popular programme, who wants to be a millionaire, a question about who populared the phrase 'no man is an island' Easy, it's Jon Bon Jovi.

It's not about my hillariation about the band, or any other rock band like metalliza, guns and daisies, arrowsmith, skid roe, ugly kid fat joe, bon jowo or what ever.. It's about the phrase... No man is an island.

Just now, aired the 'about a boy' movie, a movie i loved most for it's so knocked my head on how it motivates me to face the life, despite the happiness at the end of the movie, it really change the way i look at things, especially for being single and women around me.

Well, it was how goes bla bla bla.....

Talking about love and getting married, the first and foremost of all is, the mutual sharing and the understanding of everything. I was a things-for-granted taker, yeah I was really, a jerk. Being a jerk is not that bad you know. But, being a jerk made me regret it sometimes, for losing a lot of precious'es..

Well, that was me, but tonite, I guess I've done something good today, by saying the things out of my heart. And I've assembled a tabletop PC desk too!

Now is the American Idol. How I wish the Malaysian Idol wouldn't have the age limit so that I can try my luck, not to really be a singer but at least to see at which level is my singing ability.

Well, it's now time to see some idiots fooling themselves on TV!!


January 27, 2005

Today of my life..

Just now when I sat down and enjoying my ice cream, i've just thought of an answer to a question that has been mingling me.

What do I like most.

Answer :: Ice Cream.

As I can remember, I hardly resist ice creams. Name it, the latest flava i've just bumped into the vanilla and apple + cinnamon (you can actually try this at home by grinding a few pieces of cinnamon, add a teaspoon of apple essence into a bowl of vanilla ice cream, mix them well, and pour the grinded cinnamon all over on top of the ice cream. Try it!)

And i'd also go to the baskin 'n' robbins to get my favourite banana royale, which normally i'd choose vanilla + peach with the chocolate toppings on it. Yummy!


The latest technology break!! Have u ever heard about the ionic based body cleansing methodolgy, by actually soaking your pair of feet into a bowl of water, which using the electrolysis concept, expelling the unwanted toxics through osmosis process.

Tonite was my second round. Just like the first time I did it, it was full of blood clots, chlorine, ferum and carbon monoxides, based on the color of the water.

Hell my body is full of toxic - Britney Spears.


My oily face. It became worst when i wear my glasses. It keeps on sliding down my nose. I remembered the mask Ye-Yann bought me few last year (when she's still alive). Oh yeah, I haven't visited her burial place yet.

It smells like dead prawns. Yucks. While waiting for the next twenty minutes, I watched Friends.

Aired was the part that I hate most about Friends.

It was the part where Rachel and Ross broken up, and Ross, and frankly, I knew how does it feel Ross. Exactly!

And today, without my knowing, my blog view-time had crossed 20k times. Cheers!!

January 25, 2005

Back from KL...

So... I just came back from KL. Tiring visits to KL. I met Ija, Lala, Bob, Fazrina, Ezlin, Paie and Aza.

Aza recontacted me as Fiona, and I've no idea at all who is fiona, but as we met, she's Aza, someone I knew long time ago.

And, don be mistaken, I met those people for work purpose, so it's just tiring, except for Ija, Ezlin and Paie, they met me for a coffee for my birthday.

Payed a visit to Bob, as I haven't been seeing him for quite a very long time.

And so I went to KL driving my sister's car. Safe (my car got a warrent summon), economic and less worry. I can park that car nust in anywhere. Shorter and not so expensive car.

And i know rosli would kill me as I didn't call him, but there's a lot other people that I didn't call, so it might be quite hard for people to track who killed me (if i am about to be :p)

But what freaked me the most was when I opened up my friendster page and i looked at this..

I just can't get it. Who the hell in my friendster network would do this? This is just ridiculous. Too bad.

So just now, i was just chatting with Abby, and c-kin. And Ogy has just wished me happy birthday. Vovi too. yan, haida.

Gonna get a rest, before proceeding my driving journey to JB.. malasnyer..

January 23, 2005

Happy birthday..!!

It's for me and my very good buddy Romdzi. We are sharing the same BIRTHDAY, 23 January 1977.

Me and Romdzi, in an independence day celebration on 31st August 1996 in ITTM Melaka. I was the parade commander.

I won't put the latest picture of Romdzi as he is 4 times the size u see in the picture.

I'm happy.. today.. really..

Lotsa people wished me, including special few people whom i waiting for, they even wait 4 the moment of 12 o'clock just to call me and sing the happy birthday song. Sms keeps coming in.

The best thing is, I actually forgotten to expect birthday wishes from my family members, except for Ina who hugged me last nite and wish me a happy brithday. My mom angrily asked me to get a bath as it's already 11 o'clock. Ya know, holidays, what's the purpose of bathing.. hahaha.

Out of the bathroom, wore my tees and my father shouted my name. Haha.. a birthday cheese cake for me, with THREE big candles!!! haha.. they're making fun of me again.. thirty?? i'm 28 lah!

I lighted the candles and Farah blows 'em, hmm just like someone i knew very well, indeed she is.

And I'm taking this chance to also wish happy birthday to all my other friends who were born in January, Ezlin(2), Eric('8'), Sally(13), Suzanne(16), Lim Jan Nee(22), Yassin Salim(22), Anis(30) and Rizal (31). All of us are now 28 except for Anis, 27 .

Thanx to fi^girl, tasha, rina, julie, bob, fazrina, NJ, lala, rynn, ija, sheyna, lina, aida, maria, aniza, ailina, Wan Nadz, fiona and all other people I can't mention in here, for all your wishes. I really appreciate, happy and thankful for it.

And I learnt a lesson too, memorizing and wishing people birthday is a very good thing to do. Why? Try it!

So today....

For the first time in my life, I woke up in the morning as a 28 year-old-adult. Ouch.. All my sisters, cousins, aunts, granma, were telling me that I don't look, or act like a 28 at all. I asked my lil Farah, who's older, me or angah (my younger brother) and she answered ANGAH!. Yeah kids, what do they really know and understand. Their intuition are just based on what they see and heard, not really on the fact.

Realizing that I'm actually and already 28 today, I'm telling muhself that I've got to face it anyway. Like ija said, we can always intend to be young, through act and laughter.

My mom were saying that I'm still a mentally immature, as for example I rushed to the door when my mama get back from the stores and brought something home, just for the fun to scramble the things my lil Farah likes from mom.

I look at it as an ageing signage, especially when i mix a lot with her, i tend to actually entertaining or make fun with her by doing all that, by being immaturely disgusting and irritating. But she seems to be more closely and intimately being a very good friend, accompany and a mate to talk sometime for me at home.

When my father is gonna be transferred from JB (he'll be soon), to anywhere, how am I going to survive alone without my lil Farah everyday. I can't imagine that.

Every morning, I'll send her to school and late in the evening, she'll scream "ALONG!!!!!" when she heard me pulling the door knob and opened the door.

I'll miss all that. Really.... and I'm ageing too..

January 22, 2005

Happy Eidul Adha!

Happy Eid. To everyone, all readers!!

I've been bz. Y'all know, my office has no INTERNET CONNECTION yet. And I was trying to hook on the Net by going to the cybercafes but most of the time FULLY OCCUPIED.

I was also busy with things in my new office (again). Currently I'm working on a new system that I was trying to develop, simply using the Microsoft Infopath and Access. It's somekind of kewl though.

Started to enjoy goin to get back late from the office.

Today, nothing much, except for I woke up quite late to be amongst the earliest to get into the bathroom. I was the last one to bathe and still managed myself to go to the mosque on time.

Later, i started a BBQ. We had fresh meat bbq, fishes and lobsters. Yummy aight? The best about the BBQ was, the adhoc marinate recipe of the meat. As I was too lazy to go out and get other spices, I tried the following:-

I ground the last pieces of the raw black pepper in my Granmom's stock. I've added some cinnamon sticks. Pour everything into the marinate mixture bowl. Pour in oyster sauce, tomato ketchup, soy sauce (normal salty ketchup), garlics and honey. Mix them up and keep it in a safe place, keep from reach of irresponsible people for half an hour and fire 'em.

* in normal case, the marinating process should be at leasf 3~4 hours for best result.

The taste, MARVELLOUS! Everyone just love it!

And now I'm full and sleepy.

* one more day *

January 16, 2005

Being a phreak???

.: Freaking Internet Addict :.

Chan (not a real name), skinny nerd and badly diseased skin, went to see a therapist for his addicts therapy. He does not trafficking drugs, but Internet has been his drugs since the day he was introduced to the computer and Internet.

He looked tired, downed and even scary. But he'll become cheerful, energetic when he has got his PC. He even complaining the therapy has taken so much time of his time to be on the Internet.

Internet has been like those freak's nation. Pc was like their school. From the studies, it is believe that Internet Addicts are those people who were having problems with their real life social interactions.

Believe me, there are!!

.: I was a 'phreak' :.

Talking about phreaks, i was a Net phreak and phone phreak

Back in the year of 1997, when I found out that I would never be able to further my studies overseas, Internet was just a good place to hang around for informations, dreams and chatting with friends overseas.

I was a terrible Internet addict. Staying in the hostel with Internet connection has made me a freak. I was freaking freaked at myself, if i'm thinking of who I was.

In fact, I was not having any problem with social interaction at all. No problems with friends, it just that I was lurking around on the Net for my depression as I found the life outside was rather useless, I just can't wait to get my ass out of the college and start a new life.

I still go watch movies if I have time, go out and smoke, play swings with my friends, dating.

I can't deny that I used to have girlfriends from the Net. Just like those freaks, I was way too skinny for my height and I don't eat.

Was a PHONE Phreak too. Used to be on the phone for nearly 16 hours non stop!!!

But life has gone better, as actually not going abroad gives me a chance to have a fuller and colourful experiences of life.

1 year in diploma and 2 years in the undergraduate in Melaka has actually coloured my life to the fullest... and nothing can replace that....!

Well, have any of u guys think that u're once a freak? Tell us here..

Good ol days... I miss 'em..

Just a note :: Earlier this morning, I went to JB town to take my mom to Bank Simpanan Nasional, Winsa Maria JB. I was once entered the bank to ask my mom how long it's gonna be but I just can't my eyes off a girl at the counter. I simply just cannot hold myself from telling my MOM;

She's GORGEOUS!!!!!!


My good ol days page

If u have time, click at the link above.

I was browsing through my first ever homepage published over the Internet, and as the time goes by, I was putting plans to actually make it over, since 1996, till today, nearly 10 years and nothing has changed since then.

I had big laugh of myself; for the badly designed page and the most important, the funniest part was my grammar. Composed in English, and I wonder how bad my english was at that time (and no wonder why i failed my 1119 paper).

Am I going to remove it. Absolutely a NO! It's among the first web pages ever being publish by Malaysians at that particular time, and for me, the design was not that bad, with the usage of all the complicated tables.

Luckily, I haven't been keeping the first version of my website, which is the king of the worst pages ever designed (if u compare 'em to the current websites designs)

And I was asked by someone to actually edit a few portion of the pages but i forgotten until today.


Was browsing through the pixes inside my blog pix storage and saw two pixes; Ye-Yann's and Pak Lang's.

A message was sent to me by someone calling herself as Anna and telling me that she was one my Pak Lang's students, who used to be punished by a swing of ruler on her palm, and telling me that, she will not make it to what she had achieved now without Pak Lang's deeds towards her.

I'm so proud, instead of his irritating attitude, I knew he did a lot for a lot of people, this was even told by my ex-teacher Cikgu Khamis who happened to be working together with Pak Lang for about 23 years.

And as I was talking to Laila, as I browsed through the pixes again, there's a picture of me, Yann and Rosli. ALl the nostalgic memories attacking me slowly now, i feel so bad and down now.

As this song by Jason Mraz keeps rolling, I will try to keep my eyes on their duty.

I miss my good ol days...

Internet and how i started to write..

I'm in Seremban and here I've got Streamyx. What else? Go INTERNET!!!

As there's really nothing much to be done, I was browsing and hopping blogs from page to another, IRC'ing and chatted with some old friend like r4gs from #Ujang and was trying to make him recall me. And I forgotten the most important key that I should mention, it should be Fi^gIrL.

Enough with chatting, as there's nothing much than just saying things that would not make any sense and make fun, irritate people.

THen continued with blog hopping, I've fropped by into the blog by asitoque and she responded on the beautiful song I was looking for, Jason Mraz - You & I Both.

As I was listening, i go browsed and hopped from pages to another. I'm not sure how did I survive, now at 4AM.

We've gone all over the Internet looking for something that we ourselves were unsure of what it is. At then end, we keep loggin in and out of chat for no reason.

Then open up a browser with google page and asking yourselves, what are to be searched here.

This is why I started to blog. I was looking for something about myself, it's not there and I have to provide it. I naturally would love to share something with people, and to share just about anything I would be able to afford to share.

January 13, 2005

Vacancy for IT personnel

Hiring people


It's not for my own company, it's for my former firm.

The treasury group of EDS Malaysia is going to hire a girl in their team. Any girl with quite a look, well-verse in English and qualified as an IT personnel with a recognized degree is invited to send in their resumes. High pay is assured.

It does sound stupid and look fishy, but this is serious.

EDS need marketably convincing people to do their sales and marketing. ya know.. nowadays...

Email directly to ahmad-rosli.talib@eds.com or roslit@yahoo.com

This is only for pretty girls and beautiful ladies.

Men/boys need not to apply.

Rank in google search

Go to google and search for my name. My site is listed as 4th in the search list. kewl isn't it?


New links inserted. Any new links u want me to put in my site, please kindly put a comment in my blog or just email me.



I'm not writing for so long because THERE'S NOTHING MUCH TO TELL.

I've been busy setting up my new office in Tampoi JB. Been purchasing office furnitures, appliances. Repairing things. Fixing the old wirings and the best, to actually entertain the partners.

A few days back I was in Seremban trying to update something to my blog as my house there was recently installed with Streamyx, sadly, the whole blog site was down.

Tonite, I sneaked out of the house just to get hooked on the net. The notebook @ home was totally messed up, and I was trying to reinstall the XP, it FAILED! The CDROM is no longer usable.

The last Saturday, I finally met Tasha. I've been not meeting her for about 4 months, and as usual we talked about life and she started to talk about her boy. Talked about Farhan (who recently was doing some fishy things) and what not.

The last Saturday was also the 40th day of my uncle's Funeral. Thus, they made a dinner for people at the kampung.

Nothing much... nothing much.. what else..

Last Tuesday, I finally met Julie from Johor, not the one whose working in Mimos. And she introduced me to her cute friend, Syada.

And everyday, as usual, I woke up early in the morning, sent my sister to school, buy newspapers (yeah newspapers, I read The Sun, and The Star, My Mom Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian, and my father reads The New Straits Times). It will cost me Rm5.40 each morning, and luckily the Sun is free. So far, only this one place, the 7-11 in Bandar Baru Uda got the Sun.

Like a thief, I opened the door, took the Sun and leave. I'm doing it everyday.

Sometimes in the afternoon, I'll get back home for lunch.. Hahaha.. for the first time of my working era, I went back home for lunch with my mom and sister.

And life in JB with my family, is all about Farah. I'll bored she's sleeping early or not around. So i'll try to be home as soon as possible.

As Ija said, I'm leading my life to a very normal life of an average person.

Worse, I was waiting for Rosie to call me just before her departure back to the USA, but she didn't. Xpe..

Even though there's nothing much to tell, I'm writing quite up to this point (which is long).

January 5, 2005

Current Issues...

Tsunami all the time. Either TV3, TV1 or CNN. My mom is a Tsunami News Fanatic.

Latest; a 23 year-old-male who was building a mosque (Subhanallah) was rescued from the sea.

Earlier, a 23-year-old lady who was just wearing her bra and panties was found in the sea, hanging on a floating palm tree, survived for 6 days and rescued by a Taiwanese fishing boat.

Stupid 1st countries were sending their troops to Phuket (why not Acheh). My intuition was that, they were just looking for their citizens, not to really help the locals.

In Acheh, only Malaysian troops and TNI were searching and digging the corpse. The rest, I don't have any idea what they were doing there..

Stupid News :: Malaysian Soccer team again lose for stupid reasons and causes in recent match against Indonesia. Stupid Stupid Stupid!!!!

I know nothing but Tsunami..

In Kedah, there are people pretending to be the victims of Tsunami. Worse, people there I guess have not been watching TV. They were not thankful, everything was given to them but still complaining to the government, not getting this and that. thank to god they are still alive and Malaysians are so caring to give them more than what they should be getting.. and ...


I was thinking of being a volunteer to Acheh. They need people like me to help. But I don't know whether should I go or not. I have things to be done here.

New Year :: 3rd January

It's a new beginning....

So on this day, I'm supposed to be doing my new job but, instead, I've got another job.

As Farah is just getting to standard one, I'm to be sending and fetching her from school starting from that day.

So Monday, I was just at home. I started to work on the next day :: Tuesday..

Went to the new office, meeting with partners and discussing about what to be done next.

Wednesday, I went out to look for forms and places for opportunities. I fixed my car as well. My ride height is a bit higher. Guess, I need to respray my front bumper. Just buy a can of black spray and fix it. It would be fine.

I'm bored, tired and haven't been watching Kungfu Hustle yet.

Maybe tomorrow..

Hi, I'm back!

It's still not too late to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone.

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!

On that new year's eve, I arrived at Desaru, and looked around for Nain. I was actually planning for karaoke but it seems like the guy who was controlling the karaoke things sang all nite. He sang nearly 100 songs. Wonderful!

As it's the family day of my father's department for the whole state, again, they invited Ali Mamak and Abun to become the joker of the night. Held there was the competition of sketch. It was fun and at nite, the whole Malaysia launch the Tsunami Disaster Fund. The same thing happened there.

The next day, I entered a sport event and won. hehe. Afternoon, drove back to JB.

Sunday, drove to Mersing, sinding my brother Izzat back to his school.

I was so exhausted. I travelled everyday, since I went to JB. I travelled non stop.

23/12/04 Kl->JB
25/12/04 JB->Tanjung Pinang
27/12/04 Tanjung Pinang->JB
28/12/04 JB->Seremban->Melaka->Seremban
29/12/04 Seremban->KL->Seremban
30/12/04 Seremban->Melaka->JB
31/12/04 JB->Desaru
1/1/05 Desaru->JB
2/1/05 JB->Mersing->JB

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