January 16, 2005

Good ol days... I miss 'em..

Just a note :: Earlier this morning, I went to JB town to take my mom to Bank Simpanan Nasional, Winsa Maria JB. I was once entered the bank to ask my mom how long it's gonna be but I just can't my eyes off a girl at the counter. I simply just cannot hold myself from telling my MOM;

She's GORGEOUS!!!!!!


My good ol days page

If u have time, click at the link above.

I was browsing through my first ever homepage published over the Internet, and as the time goes by, I was putting plans to actually make it over, since 1996, till today, nearly 10 years and nothing has changed since then.

I had big laugh of myself; for the badly designed page and the most important, the funniest part was my grammar. Composed in English, and I wonder how bad my english was at that time (and no wonder why i failed my 1119 paper).

Am I going to remove it. Absolutely a NO! It's among the first web pages ever being publish by Malaysians at that particular time, and for me, the design was not that bad, with the usage of all the complicated tables.

Luckily, I haven't been keeping the first version of my website, which is the king of the worst pages ever designed (if u compare 'em to the current websites designs)

And I was asked by someone to actually edit a few portion of the pages but i forgotten until today.


Was browsing through the pixes inside my blog pix storage and saw two pixes; Ye-Yann's and Pak Lang's.

A message was sent to me by someone calling herself as Anna and telling me that she was one my Pak Lang's students, who used to be punished by a swing of ruler on her palm, and telling me that, she will not make it to what she had achieved now without Pak Lang's deeds towards her.

I'm so proud, instead of his irritating attitude, I knew he did a lot for a lot of people, this was even told by my ex-teacher Cikgu Khamis who happened to be working together with Pak Lang for about 23 years.

And as I was talking to Laila, as I browsed through the pixes again, there's a picture of me, Yann and Rosli. ALl the nostalgic memories attacking me slowly now, i feel so bad and down now.

As this song by Jason Mraz keeps rolling, I will try to keep my eyes on their duty.

I miss my good ol days...

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