January 13, 2005



I'm not writing for so long because THERE'S NOTHING MUCH TO TELL.

I've been busy setting up my new office in Tampoi JB. Been purchasing office furnitures, appliances. Repairing things. Fixing the old wirings and the best, to actually entertain the partners.

A few days back I was in Seremban trying to update something to my blog as my house there was recently installed with Streamyx, sadly, the whole blog site was down.

Tonite, I sneaked out of the house just to get hooked on the net. The notebook @ home was totally messed up, and I was trying to reinstall the XP, it FAILED! The CDROM is no longer usable.

The last Saturday, I finally met Tasha. I've been not meeting her for about 4 months, and as usual we talked about life and she started to talk about her boy. Talked about Farhan (who recently was doing some fishy things) and what not.

The last Saturday was also the 40th day of my uncle's Funeral. Thus, they made a dinner for people at the kampung.

Nothing much... nothing much.. what else..

Last Tuesday, I finally met Julie from Johor, not the one whose working in Mimos. And she introduced me to her cute friend, Syada.

And everyday, as usual, I woke up early in the morning, sent my sister to school, buy newspapers (yeah newspapers, I read The Sun, and The Star, My Mom Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian, and my father reads The New Straits Times). It will cost me Rm5.40 each morning, and luckily the Sun is free. So far, only this one place, the 7-11 in Bandar Baru Uda got the Sun.

Like a thief, I opened the door, took the Sun and leave. I'm doing it everyday.

Sometimes in the afternoon, I'll get back home for lunch.. Hahaha.. for the first time of my working era, I went back home for lunch with my mom and sister.

And life in JB with my family, is all about Farah. I'll bored she's sleeping early or not around. So i'll try to be home as soon as possible.

As Ija said, I'm leading my life to a very normal life of an average person.

Worse, I was waiting for Rosie to call me just before her departure back to the USA, but she didn't. Xpe..

Even though there's nothing much to tell, I'm writing quite up to this point (which is long).

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