January 16, 2005

Internet and how i started to write..

I'm in Seremban and here I've got Streamyx. What else? Go INTERNET!!!

As there's really nothing much to be done, I was browsing and hopping blogs from page to another, IRC'ing and chatted with some old friend like r4gs from #Ujang and was trying to make him recall me. And I forgotten the most important key that I should mention, it should be Fi^gIrL.

Enough with chatting, as there's nothing much than just saying things that would not make any sense and make fun, irritate people.

THen continued with blog hopping, I've fropped by into the blog by asitoque and she responded on the beautiful song I was looking for, Jason Mraz - You & I Both.

As I was listening, i go browsed and hopped from pages to another. I'm not sure how did I survive, now at 4AM.

We've gone all over the Internet looking for something that we ourselves were unsure of what it is. At then end, we keep loggin in and out of chat for no reason.

Then open up a browser with google page and asking yourselves, what are to be searched here.

This is why I started to blog. I was looking for something about myself, it's not there and I have to provide it. I naturally would love to share something with people, and to share just about anything I would be able to afford to share.

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