January 28, 2005

No man is an island.....

It was in the 'about a boy' movie, there was like the so popular programme, who wants to be a millionaire, a question about who populared the phrase 'no man is an island' Easy, it's Jon Bon Jovi.

It's not about my hillariation about the band, or any other rock band like metalliza, guns and daisies, arrowsmith, skid roe, ugly kid fat joe, bon jowo or what ever.. It's about the phrase... No man is an island.

Just now, aired the 'about a boy' movie, a movie i loved most for it's so knocked my head on how it motivates me to face the life, despite the happiness at the end of the movie, it really change the way i look at things, especially for being single and women around me.

Well, it was how goes bla bla bla.....

Talking about love and getting married, the first and foremost of all is, the mutual sharing and the understanding of everything. I was a things-for-granted taker, yeah I was really, a jerk. Being a jerk is not that bad you know. But, being a jerk made me regret it sometimes, for losing a lot of precious'es..

Well, that was me, but tonite, I guess I've done something good today, by saying the things out of my heart. And I've assembled a tabletop PC desk too!

Now is the American Idol. How I wish the Malaysian Idol wouldn't have the age limit so that I can try my luck, not to really be a singer but at least to see at which level is my singing ability.

Well, it's now time to see some idiots fooling themselves on TV!!


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