January 30, 2005


I'm not the type who read books or reading, but i think i've just started my fascination over The Reader's Digest. Starting from reading the food that harms and the food that heals, my father has just showed me an article about how did Bush wins the election again, which has made a great sensible causes, either they're factual or fiction, it made sense to me.

I just found out that, what fascinates me was the harmonious of the language and the story. I fell in love with the articles i read. It was like listening to a story, lively presented by the author. How wonderful...!

For the first time ever, i was reading in the office, continuing my passions over the Reader's Digest as I've got nothing much to do, I was reading the Reader's Digest. As I slept late last nite, reading a super nice mag wouldn't stop me from sleeping, which wouldn't last for long.

A flood of scraps is coming over. The first delivery was sent in 3 lorries, amounted around 24 tonnes. I was there to help in unloading all the metal pieces into our store.

I was there till up to 11 o'clock that nite. There're tonnes of metals in our stores (which my estimates was around 80-90 tonnes all.

Later that nite, as I was trying to finish this journal, I fell asleep in front of the TV, ya know I was so ambitious, as I was so tired of work, I was still hoping that I can watch tv, write blog, chat, sms and sleep late at the same time.

Saturday, went to the office and continue reading about how a lady managed to handle the Roman treasury recovery work. Just by keeping her words and promises, everything seems to be easy for her, and people are just getting to love her just for a few days.

Within 4 months of work, she manages to dug out more than 90 treasures worth of millions; in terms of dollars and values of memories.

And of course, it's the february release, so the Reader's Digest was so full of love, all about love, which made me to be more realized that love is so important, even reader's digest features love as the theme for this month.

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