January 16, 2005

Being a phreak???

.: Freaking Internet Addict :.

Chan (not a real name), skinny nerd and badly diseased skin, went to see a therapist for his addicts therapy. He does not trafficking drugs, but Internet has been his drugs since the day he was introduced to the computer and Internet.

He looked tired, downed and even scary. But he'll become cheerful, energetic when he has got his PC. He even complaining the therapy has taken so much time of his time to be on the Internet.

Internet has been like those freak's nation. Pc was like their school. From the studies, it is believe that Internet Addicts are those people who were having problems with their real life social interactions.

Believe me, there are!!

.: I was a 'phreak' :.

Talking about phreaks, i was a Net phreak and phone phreak

Back in the year of 1997, when I found out that I would never be able to further my studies overseas, Internet was just a good place to hang around for informations, dreams and chatting with friends overseas.

I was a terrible Internet addict. Staying in the hostel with Internet connection has made me a freak. I was freaking freaked at myself, if i'm thinking of who I was.

In fact, I was not having any problem with social interaction at all. No problems with friends, it just that I was lurking around on the Net for my depression as I found the life outside was rather useless, I just can't wait to get my ass out of the college and start a new life.

I still go watch movies if I have time, go out and smoke, play swings with my friends, dating.

I can't deny that I used to have girlfriends from the Net. Just like those freaks, I was way too skinny for my height and I don't eat.

Was a PHONE Phreak too. Used to be on the phone for nearly 16 hours non stop!!!

But life has gone better, as actually not going abroad gives me a chance to have a fuller and colourful experiences of life.

1 year in diploma and 2 years in the undergraduate in Melaka has actually coloured my life to the fullest... and nothing can replace that....!

Well, have any of u guys think that u're once a freak? Tell us here..

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