January 25, 2005

Back from KL...

So... I just came back from KL. Tiring visits to KL. I met Ija, Lala, Bob, Fazrina, Ezlin, Paie and Aza.

Aza recontacted me as Fiona, and I've no idea at all who is fiona, but as we met, she's Aza, someone I knew long time ago.

And, don be mistaken, I met those people for work purpose, so it's just tiring, except for Ija, Ezlin and Paie, they met me for a coffee for my birthday.

Payed a visit to Bob, as I haven't been seeing him for quite a very long time.

And so I went to KL driving my sister's car. Safe (my car got a warrent summon), economic and less worry. I can park that car nust in anywhere. Shorter and not so expensive car.

And i know rosli would kill me as I didn't call him, but there's a lot other people that I didn't call, so it might be quite hard for people to track who killed me (if i am about to be :p)

But what freaked me the most was when I opened up my friendster page and i looked at this..

I just can't get it. Who the hell in my friendster network would do this? This is just ridiculous. Too bad.

So just now, i was just chatting with Abby, and c-kin. And Ogy has just wished me happy birthday. Vovi too. yan, haida.

Gonna get a rest, before proceeding my driving journey to JB.. malasnyer..

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