January 13, 2005

Vacancy for IT personnel

Hiring people


It's not for my own company, it's for my former firm.

The treasury group of EDS Malaysia is going to hire a girl in their team. Any girl with quite a look, well-verse in English and qualified as an IT personnel with a recognized degree is invited to send in their resumes. High pay is assured.

It does sound stupid and look fishy, but this is serious.

EDS need marketably convincing people to do their sales and marketing. ya know.. nowadays...

Email directly to ahmad-rosli.talib@eds.com or roslit@yahoo.com

This is only for pretty girls and beautiful ladies.

Men/boys need not to apply.

Rank in google search

Go to google and search for my name. My site is listed as 4th in the search list. kewl isn't it?


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