January 22, 2005

Happy Eidul Adha!

Happy Eid. To everyone, all readers!!

I've been bz. Y'all know, my office has no INTERNET CONNECTION yet. And I was trying to hook on the Net by going to the cybercafes but most of the time FULLY OCCUPIED.

I was also busy with things in my new office (again). Currently I'm working on a new system that I was trying to develop, simply using the Microsoft Infopath and Access. It's somekind of kewl though.

Started to enjoy goin to get back late from the office.

Today, nothing much, except for I woke up quite late to be amongst the earliest to get into the bathroom. I was the last one to bathe and still managed myself to go to the mosque on time.

Later, i started a BBQ. We had fresh meat bbq, fishes and lobsters. Yummy aight? The best about the BBQ was, the adhoc marinate recipe of the meat. As I was too lazy to go out and get other spices, I tried the following:-

I ground the last pieces of the raw black pepper in my Granmom's stock. I've added some cinnamon sticks. Pour everything into the marinate mixture bowl. Pour in oyster sauce, tomato ketchup, soy sauce (normal salty ketchup), garlics and honey. Mix them up and keep it in a safe place, keep from reach of irresponsible people for half an hour and fire 'em.

* in normal case, the marinating process should be at leasf 3~4 hours for best result.

The taste, MARVELLOUS! Everyone just love it!

And now I'm full and sleepy.

* one more day *

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