January 27, 2005

Today of my life..

Just now when I sat down and enjoying my ice cream, i've just thought of an answer to a question that has been mingling me.

What do I like most.

Answer :: Ice Cream.

As I can remember, I hardly resist ice creams. Name it, the latest flava i've just bumped into the vanilla and apple + cinnamon (you can actually try this at home by grinding a few pieces of cinnamon, add a teaspoon of apple essence into a bowl of vanilla ice cream, mix them well, and pour the grinded cinnamon all over on top of the ice cream. Try it!)

And i'd also go to the baskin 'n' robbins to get my favourite banana royale, which normally i'd choose vanilla + peach with the chocolate toppings on it. Yummy!


The latest technology break!! Have u ever heard about the ionic based body cleansing methodolgy, by actually soaking your pair of feet into a bowl of water, which using the electrolysis concept, expelling the unwanted toxics through osmosis process.

Tonite was my second round. Just like the first time I did it, it was full of blood clots, chlorine, ferum and carbon monoxides, based on the color of the water.

Hell my body is full of toxic - Britney Spears.


My oily face. It became worst when i wear my glasses. It keeps on sliding down my nose. I remembered the mask Ye-Yann bought me few last year (when she's still alive). Oh yeah, I haven't visited her burial place yet.

It smells like dead prawns. Yucks. While waiting for the next twenty minutes, I watched Friends.

Aired was the part that I hate most about Friends.

It was the part where Rachel and Ross broken up, and Ross, and frankly, I knew how does it feel Ross. Exactly!

And today, without my knowing, my blog view-time had crossed 20k times. Cheers!!

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