January 23, 2005

So today....

For the first time in my life, I woke up in the morning as a 28 year-old-adult. Ouch.. All my sisters, cousins, aunts, granma, were telling me that I don't look, or act like a 28 at all. I asked my lil Farah, who's older, me or angah (my younger brother) and she answered ANGAH!. Yeah kids, what do they really know and understand. Their intuition are just based on what they see and heard, not really on the fact.

Realizing that I'm actually and already 28 today, I'm telling muhself that I've got to face it anyway. Like ija said, we can always intend to be young, through act and laughter.

My mom were saying that I'm still a mentally immature, as for example I rushed to the door when my mama get back from the stores and brought something home, just for the fun to scramble the things my lil Farah likes from mom.

I look at it as an ageing signage, especially when i mix a lot with her, i tend to actually entertaining or make fun with her by doing all that, by being immaturely disgusting and irritating. But she seems to be more closely and intimately being a very good friend, accompany and a mate to talk sometime for me at home.

When my father is gonna be transferred from JB (he'll be soon), to anywhere, how am I going to survive alone without my lil Farah everyday. I can't imagine that.

Every morning, I'll send her to school and late in the evening, she'll scream "ALONG!!!!!" when she heard me pulling the door knob and opened the door.

I'll miss all that. Really.... and I'm ageing too..

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