January 5, 2005

Hi, I'm back!

It's still not too late to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone.

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!

On that new year's eve, I arrived at Desaru, and looked around for Nain. I was actually planning for karaoke but it seems like the guy who was controlling the karaoke things sang all nite. He sang nearly 100 songs. Wonderful!

As it's the family day of my father's department for the whole state, again, they invited Ali Mamak and Abun to become the joker of the night. Held there was the competition of sketch. It was fun and at nite, the whole Malaysia launch the Tsunami Disaster Fund. The same thing happened there.

The next day, I entered a sport event and won. hehe. Afternoon, drove back to JB.

Sunday, drove to Mersing, sinding my brother Izzat back to his school.

I was so exhausted. I travelled everyday, since I went to JB. I travelled non stop.

23/12/04 Kl->JB
25/12/04 JB->Tanjung Pinang
27/12/04 Tanjung Pinang->JB
28/12/04 JB->Seremban->Melaka->Seremban
29/12/04 Seremban->KL->Seremban
30/12/04 Seremban->Melaka->JB
31/12/04 JB->Desaru
1/1/05 Desaru->JB
2/1/05 JB->Mersing->JB

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