January 30, 2005

Bee Acupunture :: And I'm so lucky to be a Malaysian!!

Resulting from various races, Malaysia is a nation, rich in culture and tradition. I'm so lucky to be living in such a peaceful and rich country like Malaysia. Malaysians are so lucky to be having access to thousand of wonders, of which we can just get anything, everything, just name it.

Have u ever heard about people who are so used to be 'stinged' by the bee will be having more immunities towards diseases and sicknesses?

There is a method of treatment, acupuntural based using the bee stings to actually cure up the diseases contained in out body. How does it work? As yesterday was my first time seeing it lively, to be applied to my own father yesterday, it was painful and I'd never seen my father it such a pain.

It was as easy as, pick the bee using the claw, direct the sting to the point on the skin, it stinged and throw the rest of the body into the bin. A sting would be fine but what about a hundred plus of stings?

No wonder last week, when my brother and syster tried it for the first time, they told my mom why should my father let this to happen to them, it's killing them! But both of them, combined were having less then 50 stings after all!

Only this morning, my father can wake up and and walk around, just after I passed him the reader's digest, i guess, it would be like a drug that would make someone forget what happening around. He wasn't sleeping, while I was out seeing a friend whose coming down to Johor to visit me

This treatment was said to be able to treat people with eyesights, sinus, and so many other sicknesses. The guy who was doing this, were said to be having a very bad sinus, but now he's cured + a smooth and clean face, he look so young now, even though he's already reaching his late 40s.

Each treatment will cause around RM60-RM100, and I highly would love to suggest the treatments to all readers, my friends who were having such an endless sickness. The most unbelievable cure potential was 'stroke', which my late uncle was sufferiing for the last 7 years, he said, stroke was somekind of easy, but the hospital was able to do nothing about it. What's with the modern medicine? I'm getting less and less belief in theirs now.

I'm also more towards believing in traditionals, herbs and homeopathy.

And well, I might be doing it tonite. I'm ready to rumble!!!

* new word to learn :: alopathy - modern medicine as oppose to homeopathy.

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