February 4, 2005

I'm flying without wings.........!

A few interesting things had happened to me yesterday.

Beside my brother was experiencing the worst treatment of his life, as he was nearly broken my hands. He begged Mr. Lau, to slowly stings him all over his face and head, he was shivering, twisting, squeezing his head from being stinged, his tears was all over, he grabs and clawed my hands and crying for help and mercy.

As a brother, I persuaded him to relax and try to absorb the pain by not thinking about it but he seems to be so in deadly pain. One the way back home, i was holding his hands, just like I hold my girlfriend's (even though I don't even have one now).

Well, it lasts for less than an hour, back home, he smiled like nothing.

Earlier, I've got a call from someone i've always been waiting for, and later, I was asked to return the call.

What does it mean when someone was actually admitted to me, fessing that I was the 'ONE'. I'm a person that someone was waiting and looking for.

It's worth waiting, for me and that someone too. I don't know that wether this is really me despite, I've been so understanding and I always told myself, if i like someone, just let everything happen, and if I love someone, 'LET GO!'

Sometime found that I was not really myself, being so kewl, being so soft hearted, I have a lotsa thoughts just before I do everything, that was so not me!

I let everything goes out, i say everything I wanted, I'm just so irritating, i love teasing people, make fun, laugh at people, what ever thing that has gotta do with getting other people down-to-earthly irritated and sick!

All the time, I'm just being nice, instead of actually just do what I desire, I think for the best, of what I should do.

People like me for not being myself, we will turn the world wrecked upside down for being so self centered, just to show to people that 'I'M BEING MYSELF'!


The 'ART' :: Be nice..

The state of the 'ART' :: Be nice and people will be nice back at you, and then even to realize that u're so nice that it's hard to let you go eventually.

Am I in love?

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