February 16, 2005

Share our prayers!!

My dearest baby Rosie's mommy is now hospitalized for stroke.

Let us all recite our prayers, so that her mom will survive the stroke and get back to normal when she walk off the hospital.

I just can't let the same thing happened to my Pak Lang happen again to other people. Here are some helpful information when you face someone attacked by stroke.

1. Don't ever try move the body to somewhere else. Just help the patient to get to a proper position.

2. As the blood circulation is going too fast and the blood clots in the brain caused it, try to release blood from the end of each fingers. This will help A LOT!!!!!!

3. Send to the hospital.

4. Contact me for the bee sting treatment. Insya-Allah, the patient will get back to normal then, we all pray!!

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