February 16, 2005

First Anniversary of "Simply a Blog" - by Izham

Happy First Anniversary to my blog..

It has been a year. For only a year, imagine if all my writings is to be published into a book, how many pages it would be?

When i was still a small boy, i fancy myself to be a journalist or a news reporter. I was always picturing myself to be reading news on TV. I used to be playing news reading, sitting on a chair, with a table, with a few sheet of papers and start reading.

In 1984, I was in standard one, and TV3 has just started their new service as the third TV channel on fthe country. I was there, when rumours of TV3 is going to be aired soon. When my father reached home, he told us that a new channel is going to be aired and he adjusted the tv. We managed to view the channel, initially, TV3 was just airing songs with slideshows of pictures. And as I remember, there was no Powerpoint (yet) at that time (even windows hehe)

TV3 comes with a totally new concept. Differs in everything, the montage, the music, and it does even have their own theme song. Initially, they borrowed TV1 news at 8 o'clock, but as time goes, they started to air their own news. I found it very welcoming and nice.

From there, I developed the interest to be a news reader.

Well, I find myself very hard to utter the news just like how they do it on TV. I don't have any idea about the screen that was provided to them when they read the news.

Well, as the time goes by, it was just something that how I wish I could be, but there's a lot more interesting things to be ventured in.

Proudly, I could a watch a very good friend of mine at school, Rosmanizam Md. Dali, grown up to be a News Reader at NTV7, who has a Master Degree of Mechanical Engineering. Kewl, isn't it? She used to help me a lot, we worked together in a theatre titled Aladdin. We shared a lot of hard moments, in realizing the dream of everyone of us to stage a theatre. We made it! It was such an unfogettable moment of my life.

SImply, I just love any form of performance art; say music, theatre, live performances, gigs, live bands and so on.

Life is not always heading to the path that we wish for, as in my case, I'm now doing something that I've never thought before.

I used to list Lawyer, Doctor and Navy as my ambition. I realized none of them. And what ever work I was doing vefore as in IT, was never been thought when I was small.

Now, even worse..but at least, someone is believing in me to do this job and promise to be with me whatever happens.

Happy Anniversary to my blog..

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