February 22, 2005

When u stop....

How do we people live up our life. Why there are people with different style, different level or standard of life too? Why some people drive a BMW or a Merc, but some people were only driving a Kancil.

How do we define our life to be? How we are determined to have such a life that u wished for?

It's your dream! I strongly believe in dream. I'm always dreaming to have a good life with a good wife, good children, pretty decorated house and driving a good car as well. And I dream of myself living happily at home amongst my children. I wanted an underground room so that I can jam or karaoke as I like without having to disturb the neighbours. Full stop! The rest u imagine your self.

Life ends when you STOP dreaming...

So, live up your dream because without dream you cannot determine who are you going to be. You better believe me, because, if you believe, there's a hope...

So then why do we believe in something? Why do we really have to believe in something? Because when there's a believe, there's a hope! Why do we believe in GOD? So that we hope that the GOD will treat us with blessed life, happiness and most important, to be going to heaven with all other good people, at least for me, i don't want to be surrounded with bad people. Being within the bad people in this world life is badly enough!!

When you believe, then only come love. We can only love GOD if we believe in GOD. Same goes to people, how could you love someone you cannot believe, or in an easier word to describe, the TRUST! I love GOD but I hardly love people because I seemed to be, not to be trusting people easily, and not everyone would appreciate the love and the belief I had put on him/her.

Hope ends when u stop believing, but do you know that love ends when u stop caring?

When we care, we share! That's why I'm here to share everything I've got with all of you people. Simply, friendship ends when we stop sharing.

In a FRIENDSHIP, we SHARE everything we have to show we CARE. And it's LOVE when we CARE for everything. It's BELIEVING, when we HOPE that everything will go fine, as we want other people's LIFE to be going fine as what they DREAMT of.

Life ends when u stop dreaming,
Hope ends when u stop believing,
Love ends when u stop caring and
Friendship ends when u stop sharing...

And it was a full of life weekend. I know how much my family love and care about me as I introduced someone to them yesterday, hoping that it will just fulfil everyone's dreams and hope, which I believe is towards me, as to make the life much better, to share what I felt and gone through.

It wasn't easy, especially to me, as I'm actually having the dream, but start not to believe in myself and just everyone, as i lost hope to just everything that I have, even though I will not stop caring and sharing.

Now I have my life, friends and love, even though I won't get it back from people, as I have lost hope.

At least for now...

Have you people watched Constantine? It's a good movie, as keanu reeves always played as a mystical and futuristic hero.

Just be careful with your belief, as why it's being banned in Brunei

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