February 19, 2005


Tonite I was watching Anugerah Planet Muzik on Astro Ria. As usual, I'm always waiting for my dear sweetheart Siti Nurhaliza to make her appearance.

Nowadays, I just can listen to her song. I don't know why, all her songs are all just fit my ears. I bought the CD of Siti Nurhaliza, for the first time of my life, after I lost all my original CDs when I lost my Satria GTi 4 years back (the car lost on 27 March 2001). Even though I can find MP3 over the Internet, I really love her and so I bought all her CDs to be put in my car. That sounds ridiculous, actually for me.

Sometimes, I feel like crying listening to her songs. That's pathetic!

I'm back active nowadays as I jog around my house's compound 5 rounds now. I started with 1 round, 3, 4 and latest 5. That's a pain in my ass. Really!

Going to work, I do all the labour job of sorting the metals. Believe me, doing this is much more sweat-producing than jogging. Sometimes, we have supplies to be taken from the customers. I drive the lorry myself, drive the forklift to unload the things form the lorry. Back to the office, i prepared all the necessary documents, get them signed and delivered it to the customer.

This week, for the first time of my life, I've experienced the feeling of being cheated. It's a big time cheat! Well, anything happen, i'm so used to be cool (except for anything to do with the police), so as today.

We're about to sell all the much more valuable metals we've been keeping since the last few weeks such as copper, brass, aluminium and stainless steel, instead we found out that, as a beginner, we're so easily being cheated. Well it's not my fault or other partners fault. It's our agent's fault who have been so trusting towards the people we but the metals from.

Anyway, thank god, we still made money within all the losses. Alhamdulillah!

And keep in touch with someone I've been trying to contact since the last 2 nights. I did called Ogy in US but she didn't pick up the phone. And at last, I called Azrina, as at last she gave me her number after refusing me so many times. Fiza also did called me yesterday, wondering about what had happened to her PC.

I'm so happy today. Just so happy!!!!

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