February 13, 2005

Valentine :: What do we have in here.. is... Love!!

February :: A unique month with the smallest number of days. It may varies from 28 to 29 days, depending on the year it's residing.


On the 14th :: Valentine's Day

I used to refuse it, but I'm learning to be a much passionate and better person. I have a lot passions in my life. It's just that valentine doesn't really mean anything to me except, the price of the rose raises from rm1.50 per piece to rm5.00 per piece.

On the 16th :: 1st Anniversary of my blog.

I did my first entry, last year 16th February, about the incident in the lift, which happened to me and eric. Initially, i was having 3 blogs, this blog which is about my life, second was about the things at my work and the third one was about people i knew, especially girls, which meant to be just for my eyes and a few others.

Well, it's not worth to share things that is not worth to share, right? Haha.

And love is all about sharing, caring and trust!

So sharing my thoughts is about love. My blog started on the 16th February, just 2 days after the valentine's day. I don't remember the exact reason, but I'd like to emphasize that the existence of this blog is all about my passions.

Love and sharing is so related, can't u see it? And I have a lot of passions too. Life is so beautiful I can't let myself not to love every single beautiful things i see.

I have my own opinion about love.

Love is sharing what we have, caring and trust. Loving means create and make someone we love HAPPY. Love does not mean that you have to have or own something you really love. To own is a desire. Love would provide happiness, life motivation and hope.

I just can't wait for this monday, who knows, something new will happen to me. It's Valentine's Day!!


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