February 28, 2005

The love of Music

I'm born with the natural liking of music. Is it inherited?

My father wasn't a musician but he is a talented singer, he used to have an accordian, no matter what, i know that he loves music too, as his talent shows that.

I always fancy to play organ or piano whenever i i saw one when I was small. I used to listen to Francisca Peters song and sing along when I was small. I like singing Sudirman's, Alleycats and so many more.

I started learning to play instruments in standard 4, when we are properly taught music in school, at that time I just know how to play recorder. Luckily, I wasn't about to be performing a singing performance like in the 'About A Boy' movie. There's no Hugh Grant in Malaysia.

I'm into rock when I was 11 or 12. There were Wings, Search, May, Gersang, BPR.. so many rock groups! I remember my kiddo days when I can sing any of Wings or Search songs without having any problem with the high pitch.

At 13, I started to learn playing organ and understanding the formation of chords. At 15, i learned playing guitar from friends and seniors, plus my very good understandings in chords, it's much easier for me though.

At 16, i started to play classical. I first hold on to an electrical guitar when I was 16 too, and it's quite hard for me to play one. When I was about to be 18, i was able to play drums with at least a true beat, and of course at this time, I was able to play bass too, as I was having my own band, Me, My Bro and Kimi.

I would salute my sisters to able to sing as good as I am. haha!


Now we talk about Malaysian music.. errr specifically Siti Nurhaliza..

Siti Nurhaliza is and still a big name and a leading singer in Malaysia. Known very well for her good attitude, even though there's a lot of grapevines telling about her misbehaves (which I was believing at first), she's already there.

She's going to perform in Royal Albert London Hall, UK.

It's not only an achievement, it's a recognition of her, and Malaysian music itself.

I was once having a bad perception about her. Lacking of Music knowledge, lacking of English or whatsoever that I've really regretted for feeling so.

She worked hard to be in where she's standing now. She's still Siti Nurhaliza that we knew back in 1995, when she won Bintang RTM and I've heard her name since then. I first heard her song, on radio when I was in my kampung, even though she didn't sound so nice to me, because of her prettiness and it was quite a promotion of her in the Radios and TVs, I told myself,

"She's gonna be big"

At first I regret saying that, but now I regretting myself to regretting saying such a prayer. She deserves it. She's so humble on TV, as usual, and I wonder why people get irritated by her kindness and humbleness.

Sometimes, I feel like crying listening to her songs.

That's bad now...! I'm a rocker!

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