February 14, 2005

It's Valentine's Day!


Happy Valentine's Day!!

I can feel alotsa love around. On TV, shops, the weather. In JB, it's such a nice weather! On TV, even Frodo is acting in a love story, in love with a girl taller than him (he's a hobbit remember?)

So where's the luv, people?

The answer :: It's in the air.

On the radio too, people are talking about valentine. There's top 5 list of what to buy or not to buy to the girlfriends. One of them that I can still remember was a dress, which says, one size fit it all.. haha..

Wish u people out there, a happy Valentine's day, and wish u guys a lot of luck for love!

Mwachxs!!! Lotsa hug and kisses..! And thanx to all the smses wishing me for the Valentine!

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