February 28, 2005

My Weekend

Last nite I was watching try 17. Frodo Baggins acted as the main character. He is surrounded by two pretty girls by his new apartment, Lisa who stays opposite his apartment and Jane, which is to the left of his apartment.

Both Lisa and Jane seemed to be fancying for him. Gosh, I wish I'm him, a so called 17-year-old young boy (Frodo is 17) was seduced by 2 hot ladies. For me, I would favor Lisa, she seems to be hotter than Jane. Well, it's his first love and Jane is always the most beautiful woman on earth.

As it goes to a friend of mine, BAHA! He's married now with two kids.. opsss.. sorry. He's just married. I went to his wedding reception on last Saturday in Dewan Jubli Perak Intan in JB.

But as a single and lonely human in JB, my friend coming down to JB is the most happiest thing for me, at least for the month. Gee and his wife Mel, Hemsem, Sam, Labu and so on. After the wedding, I took Gee and Mel to Holiday Plaza and she (Mel) spent a 100 bucks to buy DVDs!

Later at nite, took them to Danga Bay, where I met Jawa again there and later, fetched Hemsem in Bandar Baru Uda and we all met in Restoran Singgah Selalu, plus my Bro, Rizal Bulat and his wife to be (maybe), and enjoying ourselves the good and cheap food there. Slurrrrpy! As usual, Gee is our object to be made fun of.

Sunday, I went jogging then took Hemsem to Baha's house. Then off to the hospital to visit Hemsem's relative and took him to Duty Free complex. There he went off back to KL at 4.

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