February 19, 2004

Traffic Jams::Avoiding it

No where to slumber. Guess I've to sojourn in Giant's commorancy in Serdang. Heri is gonna tarry in his office. Dispute of staying in Serdang is, it's shlep away from my office in Bangsar + the traffic. That would cause me to bear high fuel and wasted time.

List of crunches that i would have to subjugate

1::Jaded of vehiculating my dragger in the clogged traffic
2::High combusting dissipation of propellant
3::Delayed freight to my berth

The ART::This forenoon I rouse up ere long at 0530. Douched. I steered my 4-wheels real slow while savvying the vigority of the morning whiff. Without having to shift numerously, drove for about 40 mins (crawling at 50-60 km/h), maneuvered my car at 0640 and appeared in my province at 0645. The propellant gauge hasn't indicate any fluctuation. I managed my pace and my fuel efficiently. Seated on my desk FRESH!!

The state of the ART::Wake up early by conk out early. HOW??????? Get yourself zenithly bored and discontented and try to f*ck yourself up by asking a few idiots that you know the occasion of going out with is none. Try to summon 'em out. More chap u ask will result you more declination. More refusal will cause you to become sad, pessimistic, moron, psychotic, mad, f*cked up, flippo, lunatic, deranged, dementially sick and migraine. You will (i'm assuring you this unless u're a retarded human-being who can take on refusals (a lot of refusals) in a very unequivocal way. If you are, then u're at par with Shebang Shebang William Hung of American Idol hehehe) clamber of your divan sooner as u're retardedly torpid. Importantly do not slight to take off your contact lenses b4 drowsing yourself into the dark sanitarium of the night.

February 18, 2004

Gal::Psycho them to chase you.

I was quite frantic on how I was making up with Tasha lately. I think i affectionately like her very much, and how i was infatuated about her, but to be as usual she seems, no sign of anything. After accompanied her to study somewhere near my place sometimes b4, she had never contacted me. I was about to ask a few, Jar Jar or Tasha for the Valentine Dinner but Tasha voiced out about her plan goin out with her frens. Jar Jar was abstaining as so many people were asking her out and to be fair she's not gonna be out with anyone. A loser I am rite?

The ART :: I never contacted Tasha since then. I guess Jar Jar has lose her intriguement towards me, as I could feel it. That's what I feel towards Tasha too. Till on the Valentine's Day, Tasha called me.

Tasha::Hi *****. (A loud scream). Hei. How are you?
Me::Not so fine (I'm a loser anyway)
Tasha::So long without a word. I wanna ask u out.
Me::Are u sure?
Tasha::Yeah, we go to ikea and have dinner?
Me::Hoho.. not today.. I'm in Seremban and...
Tasha::What? Oh i'm gonna be lonely today..
Me::Promise u, we go to the IKEA tomorrow.
Tasha::Alrite dear.. Promise??
Tasha::Ok bye, I'll call u tomorow.

The next day, she called. I didn't pickup cause was bz. Monday she called again and we only go out on Tuesday. She was so happy, and she wanted to go there over & over again with me. she wanted me to promise her.. hehe.. And she asked me to page her anytime I want, with the magical word::PLEASE... hehe

The state of the ART::As thought by my dear sister OGY, if u like a girl, too much of chasing her is a DON'T. Reserve ourselves sometimes we have. Stated above is the result of my deeds. Kewl advice hunny. Haha.. I do really appreciate it.

February 17, 2004

Attendance::The art of coming late to work

1000::I stepped out of ma car subitaneously after havin a hard time lookin for a free, good spot forbidden parking spot. Obliterated about ma id tags and smart cards, to ma car i turn back to get 'em. Languorously I marched, get up to my office by elevator and here we are.. My office..

The ART::Ready with my cellphone at my right grabber, and a bunch of paper piles at my left duke. Swope the smart card to the card reader. Entered the office courageously, to my desk i slowly walk. Off the desk I pounded the papers and huddle seriously over the phone. Hung up and pick the desk phone on some other chap's desk and dialled my own extension.. My phone rings.. i mumbled for a while and saying out loud that I'm gonna call them back l8er. The phone on my desk i get and pick it up, and I missed it. And someone slowly whispered:: Wah so busy you are?

The state of the ART::Nothing much in substantial. Just let people start to think that u're such a busy person and no one would notice that it was just a gimmick. This is a psychotic version of playing with other people's thinking.

February 16, 2004

StrayKids::Handling them while having ur meals

yesterday.. moanday morning

We = me + Heri

0800::After coming out of the elevator.. we went to have our breakfast.. i was having roti canai and warm tea while Heri was having 2 half boiled cackles, roasted bread and nescafe.. Suddenly, two stray kids (obviously they were the Orang Asli's children around) approaching us (imitating Heri's munching sound at first.. haha) and asking for the noshs we have to be given to 'em. Out of nowhere, why us? There are so many people around but those kids only come to us.. Is this a kind of test from the Absolute-Being?

The first chap asked for my pannikin of tea.. no I just said.. I waived to the waiter to deal with 'em.. nicely, the waiter chanting to 'em.. Both of them (the waiter is from India and the kids doesn't know how to speak Malay) are speaking 2 different dictions.. so they conversed in more towards sign proses.. Anyway, the first kids yelled 'PODAH' and 'CHIT' hehe.. more waiters approaching and chuckled by that. L8er, Heri shattered the first egg and the shells were suddenly captured by the first kid and he lick it off. I was 'heeyaaa' (heya heya heya heya outkast) and up to my surprise, he even get the whole shell inside his mouth and munch it.. wow! And the second kid captured the next shells and, two kids were munching egg shells.. euuch...

The ART::Heri was so so much f*cked up. I persuaded him to be kewl but he conceives that this was too much for a day prelude. The waiters he asked to come and chase them away. Becoming aggressive the kids were, against the waiters deed. Heri again I asked to be kewl and finish up all his noshs and just ignore them and just smile. Just be kewl.. Slowly, the kids walked away as we were neglecting them. Everyone was sceptically looking at us as the stray kids walked away.

State of the ART::Wade through on how to control the situation, not dominate it. Be kewl and keep kewl by smiling all the way. It will not give any detrimental effect to anyone. If u're in the same plight whereby maybe a bugglar, or a thieves is the main object of the hap, keep calm is the best thing to do. Those chaps might want to diplomate with you since you are in control or the dominating situation sometimes (as people look at you). People who are in control are people who will not succumb anything eventhough they won nothing either.

Next::Coming late to work

Work::Art of illuding working time

1730::Ermon and I were talking about a superdelicious crab chowder in bangsar. Here we go.. we decided to go to bangsar. Me as usual have nothing to do after the office hours. Spending time with this dear friend is always a good thing to do.. hehe..

The ART::We went back back to the office.. around 2200 hours ++.. so i went up to the office, sign in.. here we go.. I still work late at nite.

The state of the ART::My exertion of work is recorded in the timesheet. Every weekend i would have to submit the f*ckin timesheet to my condescending. I'm also eligible to claim. Working overtime more than 4 hours would enable me to vindicate RM70.. perday.. Who would do work for more than 8 hours a day.. but this is life.. It's always about deceptions..

Sleep::Art of sleeping in the office..

1530::I was so sluggish.. Can get enuf hold of it and.. zzzZZZzzzzZZZZ...

1600::Bang..!! (shebang.. shebang.. hahaha.. remember?? American Idol??) a sound of an assemblage of dissertations being castigated on ma table.. shit. Boss of mine was laughin while telling everyone i'm always a flopper in the office..

The ART::I slowly stand up and show him a flagon of prophylactic whichever i don't know where it does come from.. told him.. swallow this and u'll know how does it will put your brain to unconsciousness. Everyone was as usual approbatively lookin at me.. hehe

State of the ART::Act super promptly. Grab anything around you to become your weapon or protective machinery. Just in any case, act quick to protect yourself. This does apply to anything in our life. Act fast, think later.. hehe.. Luckily the anti-pregnancy tablet was on my desk.. hehe..

Mindpower::Art of reading people's mind

0830::stepped into the elevator, the inside that was previously noise was suddenly turn into a dark silent when we stepped in...

we = slash + heri

I was looking at a lady, gorgeous.. but with a lousy bf. Her bf was like to hide her from my eyes by trying to talk to her but her eyes sight is always lying on my hair.. hehe..

Heri was looking down.. everyone was like looking at him up and down.. and later look at me.. l8er they were looking at my hair as well..the ART::Nothing much.. we know that deep inside their f*ckin brain saying:: Wah.. two hang sum boy come in.. must look at them.. hahahaha

state of the ART::When people suddenly changing obviously from their initial state of mind, it means that something has really triggered them.. It will be either a very good thing or a very bad thing.. In our case.. We were so handsome so they were like speechless. Undare to speak anything just not to abrupt their concentration of enjoying the viewing of us.. hehe...


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