February 16, 2004

Work::Art of illuding working time

1730::Ermon and I were talking about a superdelicious crab chowder in bangsar. Here we go.. we decided to go to bangsar. Me as usual have nothing to do after the office hours. Spending time with this dear friend is always a good thing to do.. hehe..

The ART::We went back back to the office.. around 2200 hours ++.. so i went up to the office, sign in.. here we go.. I still work late at nite.

The state of the ART::My exertion of work is recorded in the timesheet. Every weekend i would have to submit the f*ckin timesheet to my condescending. I'm also eligible to claim. Working overtime more than 4 hours would enable me to vindicate RM70.. perday.. Who would do work for more than 8 hours a day.. but this is life.. It's always about deceptions..

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