February 18, 2004

Gal::Psycho them to chase you.

I was quite frantic on how I was making up with Tasha lately. I think i affectionately like her very much, and how i was infatuated about her, but to be as usual she seems, no sign of anything. After accompanied her to study somewhere near my place sometimes b4, she had never contacted me. I was about to ask a few, Jar Jar or Tasha for the Valentine Dinner but Tasha voiced out about her plan goin out with her frens. Jar Jar was abstaining as so many people were asking her out and to be fair she's not gonna be out with anyone. A loser I am rite?

The ART :: I never contacted Tasha since then. I guess Jar Jar has lose her intriguement towards me, as I could feel it. That's what I feel towards Tasha too. Till on the Valentine's Day, Tasha called me.

Tasha::Hi *****. (A loud scream). Hei. How are you?
Me::Not so fine (I'm a loser anyway)
Tasha::So long without a word. I wanna ask u out.
Me::Are u sure?
Tasha::Yeah, we go to ikea and have dinner?
Me::Hoho.. not today.. I'm in Seremban and...
Tasha::What? Oh i'm gonna be lonely today..
Me::Promise u, we go to the IKEA tomorrow.
Tasha::Alrite dear.. Promise??
Tasha::Ok bye, I'll call u tomorow.

The next day, she called. I didn't pickup cause was bz. Monday she called again and we only go out on Tuesday. She was so happy, and she wanted to go there over & over again with me. she wanted me to promise her.. hehe.. And she asked me to page her anytime I want, with the magical word::PLEASE... hehe

The state of the ART::As thought by my dear sister OGY, if u like a girl, too much of chasing her is a DON'T. Reserve ourselves sometimes we have. Stated above is the result of my deeds. Kewl advice hunny. Haha.. I do really appreciate it.

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