February 16, 2004

Mindpower::Art of reading people's mind

0830::stepped into the elevator, the inside that was previously noise was suddenly turn into a dark silent when we stepped in...

we = slash + heri

I was looking at a lady, gorgeous.. but with a lousy bf. Her bf was like to hide her from my eyes by trying to talk to her but her eyes sight is always lying on my hair.. hehe..

Heri was looking down.. everyone was like looking at him up and down.. and later look at me.. l8er they were looking at my hair as well..the ART::Nothing much.. we know that deep inside their f*ckin brain saying:: Wah.. two hang sum boy come in.. must look at them.. hahahaha

state of the ART::When people suddenly changing obviously from their initial state of mind, it means that something has really triggered them.. It will be either a very good thing or a very bad thing.. In our case.. We were so handsome so they were like speechless. Undare to speak anything just not to abrupt their concentration of enjoying the viewing of us.. hehe...


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