February 19, 2004

Traffic Jams::Avoiding it

No where to slumber. Guess I've to sojourn in Giant's commorancy in Serdang. Heri is gonna tarry in his office. Dispute of staying in Serdang is, it's shlep away from my office in Bangsar + the traffic. That would cause me to bear high fuel and wasted time.

List of crunches that i would have to subjugate

1::Jaded of vehiculating my dragger in the clogged traffic
2::High combusting dissipation of propellant
3::Delayed freight to my berth

The ART::This forenoon I rouse up ere long at 0530. Douched. I steered my 4-wheels real slow while savvying the vigority of the morning whiff. Without having to shift numerously, drove for about 40 mins (crawling at 50-60 km/h), maneuvered my car at 0640 and appeared in my province at 0645. The propellant gauge hasn't indicate any fluctuation. I managed my pace and my fuel efficiently. Seated on my desk FRESH!!

The state of the ART::Wake up early by conk out early. HOW??????? Get yourself zenithly bored and discontented and try to f*ck yourself up by asking a few idiots that you know the occasion of going out with is none. Try to summon 'em out. More chap u ask will result you more declination. More refusal will cause you to become sad, pessimistic, moron, psychotic, mad, f*cked up, flippo, lunatic, deranged, dementially sick and migraine. You will (i'm assuring you this unless u're a retarded human-being who can take on refusals (a lot of refusals) in a very unequivocal way. If you are, then u're at par with Shebang Shebang William Hung of American Idol hehehe) clamber of your divan sooner as u're retardedly torpid. Importantly do not slight to take off your contact lenses b4 drowsing yourself into the dark sanitarium of the night.

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