February 17, 2004

Attendance::The art of coming late to work

1000::I stepped out of ma car subitaneously after havin a hard time lookin for a free, good spot forbidden parking spot. Obliterated about ma id tags and smart cards, to ma car i turn back to get 'em. Languorously I marched, get up to my office by elevator and here we are.. My office..

The ART::Ready with my cellphone at my right grabber, and a bunch of paper piles at my left duke. Swope the smart card to the card reader. Entered the office courageously, to my desk i slowly walk. Off the desk I pounded the papers and huddle seriously over the phone. Hung up and pick the desk phone on some other chap's desk and dialled my own extension.. My phone rings.. i mumbled for a while and saying out loud that I'm gonna call them back l8er. The phone on my desk i get and pick it up, and I missed it. And someone slowly whispered:: Wah so busy you are?

The state of the ART::Nothing much in substantial. Just let people start to think that u're such a busy person and no one would notice that it was just a gimmick. This is a psychotic version of playing with other people's thinking.

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