February 16, 2004

Sleep::Art of sleeping in the office..

1530::I was so sluggish.. Can get enuf hold of it and.. zzzZZZzzzzZZZZ...

1600::Bang..!! (shebang.. shebang.. hahaha.. remember?? American Idol??) a sound of an assemblage of dissertations being castigated on ma table.. shit. Boss of mine was laughin while telling everyone i'm always a flopper in the office..

The ART::I slowly stand up and show him a flagon of prophylactic whichever i don't know where it does come from.. told him.. swallow this and u'll know how does it will put your brain to unconsciousness. Everyone was as usual approbatively lookin at me.. hehe

State of the ART::Act super promptly. Grab anything around you to become your weapon or protective machinery. Just in any case, act quick to protect yourself. This does apply to anything in our life. Act fast, think later.. hehe.. Luckily the anti-pregnancy tablet was on my desk.. hehe..

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