February 16, 2004

StrayKids::Handling them while having ur meals

yesterday.. moanday morning

We = me + Heri

0800::After coming out of the elevator.. we went to have our breakfast.. i was having roti canai and warm tea while Heri was having 2 half boiled cackles, roasted bread and nescafe.. Suddenly, two stray kids (obviously they were the Orang Asli's children around) approaching us (imitating Heri's munching sound at first.. haha) and asking for the noshs we have to be given to 'em. Out of nowhere, why us? There are so many people around but those kids only come to us.. Is this a kind of test from the Absolute-Being?

The first chap asked for my pannikin of tea.. no I just said.. I waived to the waiter to deal with 'em.. nicely, the waiter chanting to 'em.. Both of them (the waiter is from India and the kids doesn't know how to speak Malay) are speaking 2 different dictions.. so they conversed in more towards sign proses.. Anyway, the first kids yelled 'PODAH' and 'CHIT' hehe.. more waiters approaching and chuckled by that. L8er, Heri shattered the first egg and the shells were suddenly captured by the first kid and he lick it off. I was 'heeyaaa' (heya heya heya heya outkast) and up to my surprise, he even get the whole shell inside his mouth and munch it.. wow! And the second kid captured the next shells and, two kids were munching egg shells.. euuch...

The ART::Heri was so so much f*cked up. I persuaded him to be kewl but he conceives that this was too much for a day prelude. The waiters he asked to come and chase them away. Becoming aggressive the kids were, against the waiters deed. Heri again I asked to be kewl and finish up all his noshs and just ignore them and just smile. Just be kewl.. Slowly, the kids walked away as we were neglecting them. Everyone was sceptically looking at us as the stray kids walked away.

State of the ART::Wade through on how to control the situation, not dominate it. Be kewl and keep kewl by smiling all the way. It will not give any detrimental effect to anyone. If u're in the same plight whereby maybe a bugglar, or a thieves is the main object of the hap, keep calm is the best thing to do. Those chaps might want to diplomate with you since you are in control or the dominating situation sometimes (as people look at you). People who are in control are people who will not succumb anything eventhough they won nothing either.

Next::Coming late to work

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