April 30, 2004

Laundry :: How to low down the cost..

The cost :: At my new place, there's a laundry, an indonesian girl sitting there waiting people to deposit clothes. The cost was like, 0-3 kg for RM7, which is quite high.

What do u wear :: Which part on your body that u think you cannot apply the same clothes again. I don't knoe how to explain this but let say, you went to jogging and you sweat all over. You were wearing a t-shirt, short and socks. When the clothes are fully dried, which piece of cloth that you think you still can bear to wear?

Me :: As for me, i can bear wearing only the shorts. I won't be comfortable if something not so clean to be wore on my higher abdominal part or to my sockwear part.

Meaning :: Let's go straight to the point. If I wear a pant on moanday, I'll be wearing it again on wenchday or thirstday. Even for shorts to play futsal. But it's not for my shirt or t-shirt. I can't bear the sweating part of the shirt (armpits, back, collar) to be worn again. Same goes to my socks.

The ART :: So, since pants are heavier, i can reduce the weight of my laundries. So we pay less, and can save money for a lot of other things.

State of the ART :: Okay. First, as for me, use light pants, wear less t-shirt, less jeans, jackets or anything that heavy. Second, have pants that look-a-like, same colour, same design, so people will actually won't think that you're recycling the cycle of your pants since they think that u have a lot of pants of the same.

Or :: Go back to your parent's home and wash there for free :).

Else :: Any other ideas? I can't wash on my own. My hands and fingers are too sensitive to detergens or bubbly cleansers. I don't have a place to hang my wet clothes (since I'm staying in a condo). I betcha, it will still smells that same if I wash 'em on my own. What are your say guys???

April 29, 2004

Yesterday :: Sadness and worries

Afternoon :: While I was on the phone with someone else, my mom called, my father was suspected to be having pneumonia....

6.00 PM :: A friend called me, asking me to meet up downstairs, she's coming down by the Putra LRT. She's gonna pay up my money she borrowed. I told her if that's troubling her, just relax, it's just a small amount of money but I was wondering why she didn't contact me or picked up my calls.

Abortion :: Yeah, the money was for the abortion, and she was so depressed, as her guilt feeling for the abortion and the person who was the father just left without any say. And reasoning to me that she was so embarassed for all the things that happened, and worst thing she intentionally didn't want to be in touch with me.

Losing a fren :: She decided not to befriend with any male and wanting for going home back in Johor. I was trying to convince her that there's nothing to be worried, i was just worried of her, and regretting the fact that actually she can share her problems with me..

Decision is Final :: She just can't. My geart was a bit boiled up, anger was all inside ma heart, and she keep wanting to leave. I slowly stood up, pay the drinks, without looking back, byed her.. and walked away.

Heard her :: Footsteps running catching up for something was heard from my back. I was blurred and sad for what happened, just walked away without thinking of anything. Someone pulled my hand from the back and it was her. With broken eyes, tears coming down she lift her hand for a shake, and say thank you for everything. I grapped her hand, lose it, disappear..

Sad :: I was so sad, depressed. I'm losing a nice friend. I've never expected her to end up like that. I kinda like her. So very much.

Why ?? :: She did that intentionally, she don't want to be my friend, she keeps wanting to leave when I want her to stay just for a while, but when I'm the one who to leave, why should she ran for me just to say thank you, even though she did? I know it's hard for her to let me walk away, but why she have to do that. I'm okay with anything. We can still be friend, I can always take her to my futsal game, we can still watch soccer together.

Say :: I was healing myself last nite. But sometimes this is just not fair. I need say from you guys..

April 28, 2004

These Days :: Sorrority Nostalgism Assailment....?

Agonized :: Jubilation of going to fish fiesta days back was still sanitying my mind, but my dreams was vitiated with masses of sicknesses I've suffered all while. Pain was a diurnal spiel I've to munch and ingurgitate.

Moanday :: Rouse up erely long at 6.45 am, Hardly recalling crunches I worked on in the office, [b]Went to Menara[/b] and I was decamping home early, cause myself to sweat out, douched while waiting the malodorous (:p) sheyna and malodorous (:p) emie to shlep me from home in the sheyna's car, and headed to the Mid Valley. Windowing clothes, things around, shoes, I was kewling maself goin out with these two mademoiselles. Grazing at the Nando's, dilly-dallying with the two look-a-like cashier girls, sweet and yummy, long conversation between the tres of us, emie in a sudden unknown cause became demooded, walked out, headed to Coffee Bean & Tea House, smoked (opps.. kantoi), chit-chatting about other people (wow fevret) and without having other things to do, we captured pictures of us.. an maself got this one kewly pix. Went back home, went to cybercafe, spend stoopid time there and went home tarry.

Back from Menara :: Why would I drawling this? Just a small thing aight? I was nostagically in sorrowful sadness, as I had a glimpse of this little one mademoiselle, sweet face, luscious kissing lips just for me, nicely tanned, flirt inviting voice, obliging build legs and she was just like someone I used to be in lust with.. and this mademoiselle is just a kiddy...

Touseday :: Conk out early, luckily managed to maneuvre in a kewl stead.. FREE!!! Afternoon, emie fetched me from Bangsar's LRT, again to Mid Valley.. I was as usual, a non-stoppable talker. She was discontented with my subjects :: it was always about the gal I fancy.. Kampung look, tanned, clear skin. She did notice that those gals are just like the gal I used to be in lust with.. well.. and later.. this innervation of sorrority hitting me... when..


Nostalgism :: I saw a cream long bun.. RM1.20... :(... Backflashes were anticipating my heavy head....

7 years back :: The bun was RM0.80. Me, Taiko and Lego were struggling to hold ourself from defraying on unnecessary acquisition, while goin out. I was toting around money amounting RM20 in my wallet, Lego RM12 and Taiko was none... and the money was for the next 2 months time. As we just met one of our close friends, we were dropped near Jusco as he drove away. We were prancing inside Jusco, with hungry tummy.. but the whole enchilada seems unaffordable.

To La Boheme :: The bakery. We found the said cream bun for the price of RM0.80 and we bought 2, and we shared it. I bought a mineral water for RM1.50 and share. It was such a delicious, and we were stuffed. Later we walked from there to our home.

Maggi :: I used to share a bowl of Maggi mee with Taiko, just we were short of money.

Rice with a Yolk :: Bought 3 plates of rice with ketchup poured on 'em and 3 yolks. Just RM3, a nice dinner for 3.

Money :: Used not to have lunch, to save money just to have dinner with the loved one.

Walk :: Used to walk from College to Taiping Town, to save money. Used to walk from Jusco to College in Bukit Beruang.

To KL by Lorry :: Together with Tobiaq, followed Omen to KL, everyone was having less than RM20 each. We went to Subang Airport by a vegetable Lorry. We sat at the back of the lorry till Subang Airport. Everyone was surprised to see us coming down from the lorry. That's the power of Omen's love. Later Omen got RM100 from Linda's father.

Now :: I can buy a RM4 donuts and just throw it If I don't like it.


Wenshday :: Went to Menara, then to KLCC, then as usual look at gals. I don't know why, my boss was pointing me the gal that he thinks that of my taste, and they are!!!!! Their faces, shape just like the gal I was in lust with.. how do he know? He said he's an experienced guy so he knows...


The ART :: What's the ART? I don't know what am I trying to say. I'm trying to express it but these words were just unable to enunciate the feeling. I was feeling bad.. as something bad is just around, waiting to tickle me at my head.

State of The ART :: :? I'm Blurrr......... I'm just feeling bereaved, bitter, blue, cheerless, dejected, depressed, despairing, despondent, disconsolate, dismal, distressed, doleful, down, downcast, forlorn, gloomy, glum, grief-stricken, grieved, heartbroken, heartsick, heavy-hearted, hurting, in doldrums, in grief, languishing, low, low-spirited, lugubrious, melancholy, morbid, morose, mournful, pensive, pessimistic, somber, sorrowful, sorry, troubled, weeping, wistful, woebegone...

Emie & Shayna :: Oi.. can't wait to go to KLIA ler tonite..

April 27, 2004

What's New :: It's New Look!!!

Previous :: The previous theme, i guess it was just looking ragingly stupid. Blur and empty just like stupid me. Greenish (why green I can't totally recall :P). Well it works fine for me. As that's the best they can offer and I think, it'll work for my blog.

Appreciate :: I reallyx1000000000000 appreciate people who keep visiting my blog... Especially dearest baby, smelly emie and s.h.e.y.n.a (hope i get it right, always misspelled).. i didn't knoe about you hasna but i hope u do, unie, who ever pilot, bus/air plane driver, and who ever I wanted them to do so.. voila, munchkin.. who ever-ever.. (together-gether) join me, jot your says, voice your comments or what ever you can, what every you want.. get yourself jumpin and pumpin.. try to cheer up our life and decorate our days, and shine our nights..

What else is new :: Haha.. thanx again to emie and sheyna.. teaching me something new on what to apply on my stupidly tanning (and getting more) skin.. bought it in guardian Mid Valley (midveli kata emie)..

Coming :: Coming??? Who's coming to KL???????? Hahaha.. just can't wait.. we in KL were doing our best, planning and scheduling programs just for you, from your arrival, lunch with who??? dinner at sheyna's, do your hair-job, and I myself am getting a hair job too, dinner at HRC, mimi's engagement, going to kuantan coming back.. huhu.. it's gonna be a full-blown week.. for me and just everyone..

Hope :: I hope you guys will like the new look. If you're not, your better do.. or if you hate it.. just go on with it.. hate is good for your blood circulation as hate really pumps up your jam.. hehe.. pump it up.. pump it up!!!

************************* ******

The ART :: I don't really think I like the new colors.. but it looks fine, presentable.. the combinations of the colors giving me the feeling of relaxation, tough standing and presentable. But what I'm saying was just crap.. You guys might not have the same say as me..

The state of The ART :: Haha.. look at other website.. look for kewl websites and cioy their color schemes..

PS :: I miss u so much 2nite.. (who who?) Futsal la.. I didn't go futsalling tonite as they cancelled the game. And i have to be on my own game at home..

April 26, 2004

Sea Fishing :: My First Time

Fishing :: Fishing? I used to say no to fishing. Once in the year of 2001, i went to terengganu for.. hmm maybe i can use the term.. squidding hahah.. In Malay, we call it as 'mencandat sotong'. It's using the fish like rapala, and it got 6-8 hooks, umbrella like so wheneven the squid wants to reach for the rapala, all it's hands will be hooked to the hooks and later we can easily pull it up and there's when the fun comes. Squidding is normally done at nite, we light up the lamp and the lights from the lamp will actually will highlight the colors of the rapala, so that the squid can see it and try to catch it, where we are actually catching 'em.

Squidding Experience :: Squidding?? Argh.. the first time i put my legs on the boat was a terrible feeling. B4 that we were just had the 'Ais Batu Kacang' (ABC) and I'm kinda stuffed up. Standing on the boat was like, wow, i just can't hold it but i manage to hold up till late nite when I threw up, when everyone has went sleeping cause of the sea-sickness. I was having a very bad sea-sickness, but i manage to pull up at least 16-17 squids!!! hahaha.. So I kinda not enjoying being on the boat, because of the sea-sickness.

Preparation :: Hmm.. not so many things to be prepared. I was actually trying to keep myself fit by doig more and more exercise, to actually keep my tummy fit so it can endure the sea-sickness. Went out with Rosli, my boss to the fishing store to buy things which I've never heard of see. Used to go fishing, but for pond fishing, u just need the strings, hook, bait and a rod, anything can be the rod, even a bamboo stick. My fishing experience was never been that good, in fact, my first catch was a frog, which i just cut the string off. Who dare to hold the frog?? euch!!!

Friday afternoon :: Of course, being a person that is having a lot of sentimental senses, i always wanted to see people I love before going anywhere. Just before office time, at about 4.50, Sheyna called me, asked me about what am I doing, and I said I do nothing. She asked me to come down and together with Emie, we went out to Syed Bangsar, and eat there. While we were in the car, Panjang called, telling me the problem in the Muamalat and they have to do their job at the Business Recovery Center in Bangi. I wold him, I can't.

Nite :: Arrived home, and called my mom. Told her that I'm coming back, really missed her and Farah.. I said that I'd be ariving in around 8-8.30 pm.. so I wanna take some rest. Later on, Abu called again and old me that he can't do it all by himself. So I decided to give them some hand, as I expected it not to be so long.

Well :: The thing is, Abu has not arrived yet there when I arrived.. and this thing dragged me till 11.30 then only I drive back to Senawang. But I managed to see my mom when she went out of her room, maybe she heard me coming in. We chat for a while.. She asked me why should I came back, it's too late, but I just told her.. I miss her so much so I need to see her.. She just smile and went in back to sleep. Then later I went to sleep.

Morning :: Wake up, see my mom for about 20 mins.. without taking a bath, I drove off back to KL, took bath and emie sent me to the office, met rosli, aziz and fenD (Pak lawak) there.. We drove off to Lumut at about 9.40, and reached Teluk Batik at around 2 pm. I took the sea-sickness pill.

Take off :: We took off to the sea at about 3.30 p.m. I was sleepy when I first put my legs on the boat. Sleep, sleep, sleep.. till we reach this one place.. and start fishing there. Only one of us who did get fish.. where the rest do not. The other boat next to us was having better luck, they were gettin more fish than we do.. So off we go.. to the next place

Next Place :: I don't really remember as I was sleepy all the time (maybe effect of the pills I took), but as I still can recall, we went to this one place, near a small island (it was just rocks), and we fish there. I was using my boss's fishing rod and I got no luck at all. My boss, ajiz, and pak lawak were not getting anything as well. The other gang of 3 were enjoying their luck as they are pulling up more and more fish, and as I can remember, they caught a barracuda. And the night has come.

Fishing at nite :: Yeah.. I was okay.. feel a bit dizzy.. but I was still okay.. can walk around and the best thing was I don't have the urge to throw out.. at all!! I was sleeping and awake for quite a few times.. until this one time, my boss asked me to use the squid as the bait. So I just threw the prawn off the hook and get a slice of squid and put it on. Then I throw it in.

WOW :: Suddenly, I felt something is pulling my string, and i straight away pulled my rod, and yes!!! Something is hooked. This is my first time on the sea!!!! I've never had experience of winding the string back, but based on what I saw on TV, slowly I wind the string, slowly pull it back up and wind back the string.. My boss was saying.. hmm.. this must be a small fish.. as I'm a first timer and the fish doesn't seem like a puller!!!

Suprise :: It was a SNAPPER, Russel's Snapper or in Malay we call it JENAHAK!!! And everyone was like.. wahh.. wow.. fuiyo.. marvellous. I as a descent person and know nothing about fishing was like blurred for a while.. but they were still cheering me up.. Later on my boss told me.. "Bai, Jenahak is marvellous, A1 class fish!!!" I was like hard for a while, with my mouth big opened and a long sigh of.. ohhhhhhhhh... and then only i know.. My boss was quite proud of me, as at first, they were all having bad talking about me, sure 'MABUK' (sea-sickness), or sure 'LEMBIK' (unfit) to be on the sea. I was referred as 'REBONDING' as referred to my hair. Later then my boss was talking to himself, why he's not getting even a fish.. PIty of him but a few minutes later, he gets one.. Well, after getting a fish for myself and my boss, i can't hold myself and I went to sleep till morning... happily.. dreaming about my family and friends on the main land.. fara... mak.. abah.. sheyna, emie.. hasna.. wira.. hemsem.. farok.. bla bla bla...(Was I having homesickness there?)

Morning :: It was a fresh morning.. I woke up and straight away get a grip of the rod and starts fishing, this time the bait was small fishes (ikan bilis), and I managed to pull up 3 GROUPERS (kerapu), but I released back one of it as it was too small, i was so pity of it.. Had big-time breakfast + a glass of nescafe and there where the disaster comes..

Dizzy :: I was dizzy all the time after that.. What I can remember, we switched places, 3 times before we went back. My boss manage to pulled up a few fishes.

5.00 PM :: Went up to the mainland and clean up ourselves, dinner, drive home back HAPPILY!!!


ART :: Go and enjoy it. Keep yourself from sea-sickness. Get a proper placing. And get a good bait. SQUID is the best bait.

The State of the ART :: Avoid yourself from sea-sickness by taking pills. Sitting at the back end of the boat will really help as the current flow, the fish flows together with the current. The guy who sits at the back end of the boat pulled up the most fish among us. And you know why squid is the best bait? It's because of the elasticity. Like the rest of the bait, they can easily be teared off the hook when the fish grab it, but as for squid, it has it's own flesh smell that will really attract the fishes, and as they grab it, it's not easy to tear as it's so elastic, so they have to take the whole part, where as well, they will get hooked. Get it?

Enjoy :: I really enjoy the moment I pulled up the fishes.. But I would really wish to share the moment with my mom.. father... farah.. wira.. farok.. hemsem.. lego.. omen.. ter.. sheyna.. emie.. hasna.. My greatest moment was when I pulled my first snapper.. I wish I can share the moment... When I pulled the snapper, everyone's face was like flashing onto my eyes..

Later :: In the car, pictures of fishes, i got my first fish, my bait lost, was flashing over and over again. Even my dream was about fishing.. hahaha..

About my BOSS :: and in my dreams that nite, there's always the faces of my boss smiling widely whenever he felt like to laugh at other people.. always want to make fun of other people.. but i'm really proud of this guy.. as a boss and a friend, he's taking me into somewhere i've never reached in my life... even though he's was like a joker, I think a lot of people out there like him very much, even though he's a joker, he's a taker and he cares a lot of his friends..

People :: So kewl and lucky to have nice people around me now.. my boss, friends, am I a LOSER???

April 22, 2004

Cigarette :: To quit or not to quit?

Starting point :: Do you know that i've learned to smoke when i was in standard 5 (I was 11 years old and it was 16 years ago). I stole the cigarette of the Imam of the mosque I was praying at that time, took it to the toilet and smoke in there. But at that time, it was just puffing the smoke without having it breathed in to the lung. It was more like, well, i'm smoking now and i look kewl heh heh... It was the Kretek 666.

Getting addicted :: I wasn't really addicted to smoking actually. It just that I felt much enjoying it after i've breathed in the smokes, but at first i fell like to fall to the ground. That was my first time and it was Salem!!!

Main Switching Points :: I dun actually remember, but as I'm getting serious with smoking, I still remember in form 1 till form 2 i was smoking dunhill cigarettes. In form 3 when I learned guitar, i switched to marlboro as I was seriously adored Slash from the Guns & Roses, and realy wannabe like him. Somewhere in Form 5, I started to take dunhill back as at this one point, it was hard to get marlboro so I decided to try dunhill and later i sticked to it.

Other cigarettes tried :: Of course a lot!!!! I do cigar sometimes, semporna, marlboro light, dunhill light, salem light, davidoff, perilly's, winston, camel, and some other i could not remember.

When I did smoke heavily :: SPM, exams, break ups, heavy chat, heavy discussions, doing programming, on the internet, when i was stuck in solving problems and when i'm sad.

Why I smoke :: I myself do not know. I started to be kewl, and later enjoying it, I never get addicted to it, but I just feel much better with it. Later on, ideas was short and simple with cigarette. When I have problem, having cigarette seems to calm me down. When I'm sad, cigarette seems to calm me down too. Maybe, cigarette for me is something relaxing.

Now :: I've been trying so hard to stop this bad habit, which I think has been polluting my life for 16 years now. Am having a lot of friends who smoke but my boss doesn't smoke at all. Sometimes i hate smoking but sometimes, it's better with smoke going out of your mouth when chatting or talking with colleagues.

Problems :: No significance problem found, except for seasonal heavy cough (which occurs every year) which long for 2-3 months and later heal by itself. Been seeing doctors and they assured me nothing is wrong.

So :: I don't know what should I do now. Was hoping that I can quit smoking. It's a bad habit but i do enjoy it.

Advice :: Anyone care to advice?????

Do This :: Or That?

*****ThiS OR tHat..*****

-soft or hard? : soft
-red or blue? : blue
-dots or lines? : dots
-milk or choc? : milk
-rabbits or cats? : rabbits
-punk or hiphop? : hiphop
-rnb or pop? : both
-christina or britney? : bri'ney
-josh hartnett or ben affleck? : ben
-friends or family ? : family
-ori hair or coloured hair? : ori
-sweet or rebellious? : sweet
-great smile or great hair : great hair.. hehe
-funny or romantic : funny
-shy or loud: depends, prefer to be shy to strangers
-cute eyes or great eyes : how do u define great eyes? cause I dun have both!

*****The Last......

-song u heard : yesterday once more - carpenters
-movie u watched: along came polly
-cd u bought: CD-R hehe

~.............FaCtS aboUt u...................~

-nice? : haha.. what do u people think abt me?
-understanding? : yes i have to
-crazy? : haha i rike
-taken or single : taken by so many people but i put myself back to it's place
-do u have a crush? : hmm.. think so.. but to so many people and do you still consider that as crushes?

**answer this**

-who's your CLOSEST friends? : farok, wira, hemsem, my boss, sheyna, emie, and some other people who I can't mention or else....
-when u had a big problem and need someone to talk to, who will u turn to? : my father or mother or Bob

-what song makes u feel alone or lonely? : don't cry
-keep secrets with ur friends or to urself? : depends
-why did u like your crush(es)? : physical
-who makes u laugh most of the time? : TV
-who gives u support about ur life most of the time? : my ownself
-when one of your bestfriend went out with your crush or ex or boy? : i wanna know more!!!
-when someone cares a lot about you : i'd prefer only certain people to care abt me, or else thay care for something else..


-what do u feel right now?: fresh, kewl, curious.
-enjoy doing this ? : okie. something to ignite my day.

April 21, 2004

Myself :: A Loser Questionnaire

About 10 years ago...
1. I was seventeen.
2. I sat for SPM.
3. Was a celebrity at school hehehe.
4. Bz with my guitar(s) really good with it.
5. Got the feeling to learn to be an 'after-school' loser after these years of flying colours...

About 5 years ago...
1. I was twenty-two.
2. I was bz with my final year project. Cried when my project was infected by virus... loser....
3. I was so in love with someone.
4. Me + Heri were among the top faces in the U until he left then i was alone..
5. I have all my frens around me

About 3 years ago...
1. I was twenty-four.
2. I was struggling to determine the heading of my life
3. Losing GTI, losing Civic, loser again?
4. Opened an EPF account after a year of working
5. Still was in love with someone.

About 1 year ago...
1. I was twenty six, single and I'm a total lame loser.
2. Went out with damn so many gals but still a fuckin loser.
3. Switched to the job that i'm workin now
4. Still drive that old wira.
5. My frens were getting away from me as they've been starting their new life with the family

Today I...
1. am still a fuckin lame loser
2. have a fucked up mind
3. have no saving.. all gone
4. used to have a lot of gals around me, and now I'm trying to get rid of them.
5. am trying to reduce the scale of my circle of friends
6. am having a very good boss
7. am enjoying life as a loser surrounded by nice people
8. sweat a lot..

1. What's the third letter in your name?

2. What's the worst band you ever saw live?
My own band performing when my brother was on the drums. Damn fuckin ass!

3. What's the name of a good chinese place in your area?
Seri Kembangan

4. What's on your feet right now?
Ciano Genuine Leather.

1. Brady Bunch or Patridge Family? Who are they?
2. Batman or Superman? Superman
3. Elvis or James Brown? Elvis
4. Beatles or Rolling Stones? Rolling Stones.
5. Doraemon or Shin Chan? I'm shinchan.

1. How tall are you?
175 cm

2. How many times did you sneeze today?

3. How do you do?
Not so fuckin fine.

4. How does the last book you read till the end?
I dun remember

1. Will you have kids?
Of course.. 8.
2. Will you enjoy the company of someone much older than you?

- last book you read: A politic book by SH. Alattas
- last movie you saw: Along Came Polly
- last movie you saw on the big screen: Along Came Polly
- last phone number you called: Farah
- last show you watched on TV: News at 7
- last song you heard: Too Phat song about his gal was actually a lesbo (and it happens to me as well)
- last thing you had to drink: Teh o ais limau
- last thing you ate: Roti Canai Banjir
- last Time you showered: This morning
- last time you cried: Don't remember
- last time you smiled: when i read this question, i tend to smile to actually think, do I really smile.. haha
- last time you laughed: This morning, with Baby on the phone.
- last person you hugged: Farok, last nite after futsal,
- last thing you said: Muahs.. (on the phone)
- last person you talked to online: Baby kat US
- last person you talked to on the phone: Baby kat US.
- last thing you smelled: My GA Aqua (sheyna love it)

ART of Being a Loser :: Learn how to accept losing, learn to be not on top, learn to be positive, learn to be not accepted, learn to be laughed at, learn how to put my nose on the ground, learn how to get down to earth, learn to not to quarrel when it's the time people will quarrel, learn to say sorry, learn to be the loser not the winner.

State of the ART :: Being a loser taught me to be patience, sometimes relax and down to earth. I chose to be a loser after all the time I was being so good, so idolized, so loved, so admired but I was never this kewl. Being a loser doesn't mean anything good, but it's not always bad either. Being a loser doesn't mean u can be a better person, something u're a real loser when u're a total loser. Just sometimes, be yourself, and sometimes you might not have to.

Diagnosis :: Last few futsal sessions

Initial State :: I've been playing futsal with my skateboarding pair of shoes. Damn.. The shoe was oversized and i can't kick properly using it. But as I'm getting used to it, I can play well with it... but I just can't kick..

New pair of shoe :: Last saturday as I went to Bukit Bintang with Emie, I bought myself a new pair of shoe. It was a diadora white shoe, which seem kewl to me. It's offering a free shoe bag with it, which for me just nice as I need the bag to put all my things when I'm playing futsal as there are so many things to keep, my keys, handphones, wallet and so many on..

It does not fit :: That nite, after went out with Emie and Farhan, I get back home and was trying the new shoes. Damn it was way too fit, I can't even straighten my toes. I'm sweating over as I can't find the receipt. Well, I'll just try my luck.

Changing the shoes :: The next day, before I went out with S.H.E.Y.N.A (hehe.. i read it rite this time aight?), I went by myself to Bukit Bintang and getting it change. Lucky I am, the same colour for the same design for size 8 was out of stock but it's available for other colour. Without wasting I just took it, the colour was a bit girlish but I don't care as I just wanna play.

Playing with it for the first time :: Yeah.. as I expected, my boss was laughing at the shoes, the colour was funny, and kinda attracting attention and the girlish colour it's having. That time, I was playing on the half turf court but out of my surprise, it's stopping me hard. The grip was too strong and I hardly move around as everytime it grips hard on the ground.

Aching :: My left knee starts to ache from the sudden stops my shoes making as the result of the strong grip it had. Maybe it's because of the dry turf, whereby it should be on the wet turf. And my left knee was operated sometimes ago so the probability of it to be having problem is quite high, but as I've been playing for quite sometimes, it never hurts, just this time. And my right ankle was a bit irritated, as the result of the high sidewall of the shoes.

Can't play very well :: Play badly. Sometimes i just cannot recover from falling as my legs were too weak. My right foot was folded a few times while I was running.

My Right Ankle :: I told myself this aching is not normal so I'd better slow down. I hardly walk, the ankle is giving me problem this time. I remembered once I was having one to one crash with another guy in a football match once, and it really damaged my ankle. I lose my chance to play for the U team and my ankle was badly hurt. I was rested for 4 months and since then, i just forget soccer (which later i joined the rugby team)

Last nite :: Was even worse!!! I really can't play. DOn't wanna talk about it. The ankle is getting worse as well..

Diagnosis :: My boss, told me that the shoe size should really be fit, which my previous size of shoes was rite, it should be tight, and reduce one or two size of the normal shoes daily wore. And I should be getting the the non-marking shoes for futsal, where it is giving less tense to the legs.

Conclusion :: I'll be getting new shoes then. Umbro size 7-7.5, the price is about RM69. hehe..

April 20, 2004

Learning :: The process of my own way....

Work :: I've been assigned with 2.. it's 2 D&E tasks. But I've lost one of the URF. Starting from yesterday, I have training for about a month. So no more going to Bangi to lepak or going out with my boss to lepak.. at least for a month.

A bit of myself :: It's been so boring in the training. I've never been someone who can be concentrating or focusing on speech or presentation, found it so boring to learn something through teaching or in front presentation.

Learn thru experience :: I used to learn a lotsa things thru experience and hands on. I'll be more focus and betcha i'll be doing it even tho i'll have to be there till late nite. Used to do things i know zero about it, but yet I've came up with the best solution, that was during my Diplomme..

MUREX :: The training is about MUREX, the New Treasury System (NTS) that was about to be implemented to the Bank. The bank that we serve is gonna be the guinea pig of this system in Malaysia. It sounds complicated to everyone, since it's going to be using XML as the data medium. There's a lot of interfacing that's gonna be implemented. Though it sounds that complicated, but from my very own eagle view, it's quite easy. The technical part would be a bit hassle as less reference, as Banking system in Malaysia are mostly proprietarially developed by the BNM.

Training :: BORING!!!!!!!!! What else I can say about it. So how am I getting through it?

The ART :: I sleep.. hahaha.. and whenever there's a chance to go out, especially with my boss, I'll just walk out the door and disappear.

State of the ART :: It depends on the people. For me.. I'm not the kind to be in the class listen and understand. I'd prefer hands on and doing it slowly. Learn by example wouls be the best. All this while, I learn it by experience.

Friends :: They are my tutors. Real tutors. Yeah, as we grow up and develop, it's essential to learn about new things. As they can be your best mirror of yourself, they are your true friends. Friends who: -

1. Keep commenting - They are concern
2. Keep complimenting - You are their idol
3. Keep praising - They love u
4. Make u laugh - Love u to be around
5. Make u smile - They care about you


Weight :: How to reduce it my way?

Why I gain weight? :: I started to play Futsal somewhere last year, with Omen, Al and some other friends. First time I play was, wow.. I was very unfit and nearly vomit everything inside my tummy. And I do feel like my tummy was about to be pulled out as well. But later, the urge of playing futsal is no more there.. I used to play futsal for free, sponsored by the brokers for the bank but later I don't feel like going.. so i gained weight from 65 to 73 kg.. in just 4 weeks.

How do I feel? :: Wow.. bad.. hardly walk.. heavy.. hard to breathe. Easily sweat and smelly (bucuk). I must back to normal.. 8 kg makes a lot of difference in my life..

The ART :: Play Futsal almost everynight, sometimes I just don't eat at all at nite. And now I'm at 67kg. Just in 3 weeks then.. And one good thing is, I [b]SCORED[/b] in every game I played.. So i just get back my repo as a striker once upon a time ago...

State of the ART :: Just tell yourself u wanted to be less in fat. Just tell yourself you should have a healthy life. Just tell yourself, you wanna have a better build. Just tell yourself everything you want about yourself. You'd be doing it, especially when it is related to physical. It ain't easy. To start to work out, u must have a very high determination. It ain't easy for me too.

The real state of the ART :: Actually, my two smelly frens were also looking forward to become body beautiful (sorry emie, i'm using your term). Emie had just signed up a 3-months contract in a gym while shayna's still looking around, planning to attend the kickboxing classes. So, when is Hasna's turn?

* Read smelly as 'bucuk' not 'busuk bau longkang'. Apply to whole document.. OK?

April 19, 2004

Last Weekend :: Lotsa Things Happened...

Friday Night :: Went to futsal with my boss, paid RM16 for the futsal which I played for only 45 mins out of 2 hours. Was so mad at this one guy who at first asked cigarettes from me, then asked to borrow pants from me, and during the game, he's the one who asked me out as not playing seriously, and at the end he asked me and my boss to pay as he didn't bring his wallet. I was so so so so mad. I didn't play much and still have to pay as much as they all pay. What the heck.. hehe.. then went back, and sleep.

Saturday Morning :: Ermie woke me up (haha.. thru phone okay...!) Had breakfast with that smelly ermie (as she went jogging in the morning)

Tasha Called :: Up to my surprise, this gal called me and u know what, she [b]ORDERED[/b] me to buy her bus tickets to Alor Setar for her parents. Walla. I was so mad!!!

Later :: Then after she bathed herself, we went out to Bukit Bintang, as Shayna was busy with her family. On my way there, my boss called and my scheduled work was brought forward to 2pm as it was supposed to be at 4pm. I then proceed with my shopping, bought a pair of futsal shoe, a pair of contact lense and had lunch at the delifghance.. hehehe..

Work :: I sent ermie to Hillpark as i was then headed to Kerinchi LRT station as I'm going to menara muamalat for the job. Reached there at 3.30 and luckily we still have to wait until 4 o'clock to do the job. So i went out to buy Tasha's bus ticket and then came back to menara muamalat and done with the job.

After work :: Went back to the office and read some mails. I was so tired, i slept on my chairs and sudenly Tasha called me up and later i passed her the tickets. Then ermie called me and asked me whether we're going out or not and yes we are going.. Then I went to Masjid Bangsar and do my prayer there..

Farhan Called :: She called me up and asked me to fetch her from KL Sentral and maybe if possible to take her to dinner anywhere.. Haha.. another gal who really make use of a very kind myself. I asked her to wait for my call. I knew this gal is having a problem, so I called ermie, fetched her and asked her whether she's okay if I brough farhan together and she says okay.. So I fetch farhan without telling her that I've got a friend with me. fetched her and took everyone to Taman Desa, had dinner. Was trying to actually get to know her problem but maybe Ermie was there, she opted to just keep it to herself.. at that that..

Sent Ermie Back Home :: Just after my car passed ermie's home, Farhan started to tell me that she's actually ran away from home!!! I was so scared.. What if this.. what if that.. as her friend is going to fetch her and take her home (and what worried me was her friend is a man) at 11 o'clock, i took her to A&W PJ and chatted there..

Met Wawa or Az :: Out of my surprise.. met Az in A&W PJ. She noticed me at first. so we had a short chat and later got back to farhan. then she fell sleepy and she asked to be in the car. I just drove while she's sleeping in the car, to nowhere and suddenly her friend called. So I sent her back to A&W and left her there. It's 24 hours outlet so no worries...

I'm Home !!! :: Tried my shoes and damn, it was tight. I can't even straighten my toes.. Oh shit.. was so frustrated and went to bed. Was so tired.

Wake up and smell the carcass :: Hahaha.. that was Carcass's last album title.. It was late.. 12 something.. I woken up earlier but sex fantasizing in the morning was something i can't miss. Called everyone actually. My mom, my uncle almost everyone. Lonely.. so what else to do? Then I bathed myself.. and went out. And yesterday, I did bought wrong contact lenses for myself..

Called shayna and ermie :: Hahahahaha.. this was funny.. wanna know? Thought shayna was going with ermie to the gym.. but she wasn't as shayna was actually don't wanna go.. so I asked her whether she wants to follow me to BB as I'm going to change my pair of futsal shoes and gonna buy another pair of contact lense. She refused as she was still smelly. She needs a bath and she needs to wash all her smelly clothes as well.. hahaha..

Went to BB :: Haha.. I managed to change the shoes even without the receipt. So lucky I am. Then bought another pair of contact lense with the new power. Then drove back home. Smsed Shayna that I'm home.. and i testedmy shoes. It seems a lil loose but, i think I'll just have to take it.

Just b4 4 :: Then I called ermie, but she was already out with her other friends to the gym. The question is :: Will emie become thinner after she went to the GYM.. wait for the answer 3 months after this as she signing up for the program in the gym (huiyo...) For sure she'll becoming more and more yummy after this ([i][b]this is a paid advertisement[/b][/i]).

Fetched Shayna :: Yeah. went to BB.. Ya allah.. it took us 35 mins just to look for a parking bay. (hehe.. earlier I took 45 mins) then we headed to .. hmm forgot.. yeah.. went to parfums as shayna still thinks that she's still smelly after bath, went for shoes as she's actually wants to jog and go to gym.. nasi ayam hainan.. hahaha.. she was in red.. looks yummy too.. (i was over fantasized this morning). But i was kinda hyperactive that day. Was so talkative, i talked a lot.. and with everyone I met, I just say anything in my mind.. I even talk dirty with the parfum gal.. talk stoopid things with that DVD guy.. but it was kewl...

KLCC :: I drove to KLCC, since actually shayna is meeting her so-said pretty cousin's gf. Haha.. I was so excited as I can't wait to see her.. met ermie. go around.. and later met.. who's that gal?? la la la la la la la la la la la... LYNN..

[b]FRUST ler[/b] :: She's not my type.. not even pretty, and there's nothing special about her.. emie agreed with me.. I think shayna is much much prettier than the gal even she's still smelly, just like ermie.. and I think she's under estimating herself by saying that... so bad.. not like emie who always claimed to be pretty.. i knew there's someone who is always says that u're pretty.. okla.. both of you are pretty but smelly.. fine?

Nice view :: Shayna and lynn went to chili's.. me and ermie went to sushi king.. kewl place.. with kewl view.. but i think i was kinda stuffed with nasi ayam.. and the record shows.. haha.. i just took 4 plates of sushi.. normally i took 20 plates..!!! hahaha.. then lepak outside at the waterfront park.. talk, look at people and later at 10, shayna came out.. and went to the car.. go round KL.. and later went back.. I myself was so tired..

Old Julie :: Hah.. she smsed me.. sms.. sms.. and l8er I called.. hmm as usual.. negative result.. don;t wanna mention it.. Just told her.. contact me only if u're ready to see me.. ok?

Fadilah :: She smsed me.. this gal.. i was also a bit hot at... she was supposed to see me.. then she always forget.. NVM.. as I'm going to get off all of this..

April 17, 2004

My First Time :: How to scold people hahaha....

Meeting :: Since i've been working in EDS, i've never have my say voiced out during a meeting. I was always be a very good listener, or sometimes i slept in the meeting.. I know i wasn't belonged there.

Last Thursday :: I was called for a meeting about the DR (Disaster Recovery) Relocation in Bangi, with some other people from EDS. I was quite upset with the meeting because they are totally out of our scope of work but since my very good bos.. this is honest.. since my very good boss asked me to go there with abu.. so i just went there.. and waited for about quite some times before the meeting started.

The Meeting :: The meeting was run as scheduled until this one point where wew all noticed that tasks for us were ready as if someone has already committed to complete the task for us. We're so upset with it and decided to get to know who was the culprit. In EDS, the culture here (even tho it's an American Company) is to blame people who do wrong things, not to correct first then post mortem. So Guna seelan told us that the tasks was all given to him by this guy Maurice Green or Maurice Mo. So we decided to give him a call

The call :: It was teleconferencing call, but without seeing each other face. Abu told him emotionally about the unavailability of things for the testing and he himself would not want to do things that he did not commit to do it. The notice was too short and he wouldn't want to be responsible for what he's not supposed to do

Me :: Haha.. I intentionally to show other people that I'm mad, yelled at this guy.. hahaha.. telling him that all his tasks were uncommitable. How?

The ART :: Just tell him all the truth of what's actually goin on. He initially hardly understand me, and even other guys were telling him simply (as I always get myself turning around the same point over and over, so it seems like complicated a bit) . So later, when he seems to be slow to pick up what iwas trying to say, then everyone was like raising their voice.. Me too.. hehe.. I was obviously doing that but Abu was much worse.. hahaha.. He raised his voice and then went out of the meeting rooms.

State of the ART :: He's got bad english. I thought he must be someone from the UK or US, or Aussie, but he's actually a pure Hong Kongese.. hehe..

April 13, 2004

Office Trick :: How to make people look at you as a busy person

Tricks :: Hehe.. me full of tricks ain't I but it's always about working.. It's not always about trick for me.. but it just will help you guys out there who really depends on the tricks..

Problem :: I've been assigned through the CAMS system (what the hell was CAMS, i would never know) a problem which was occuring late tuesday 30th March 2004. Firstly, it was my boss who were doing it. But as he gets busy, I was the one who gotta do it.. It was something to do with date verification. And i knew it.. i did everything but what I was hoping, case closed.

Severity 3 :: For this case, it was assigned as severity 3, whereby i have 2 weeks to settle it down. So as it was another 2 weeks to go.. i do it slow and setady.. as I do not know what the real problem was though, even though i know where the problem.. I just do not know how to solve it. Everyday was like looking at the source code and stare off it.

Severity 2 :: Only when I was out with Emie somewhere in Bukit Bintang Yesterday, My boss called, telling me that the problem was upgraded to severity 2.. that menas I've only 8 hours to deal with it.. wow weee... who the hell was the fella, who were so clever to change it to severity 2? I was so mad at that time.. hafta go back to the office and dela with it.. and of course I cannot solve it..

The ART :: I have nothing else to do rather than just looking at the source code and analyzing it.. I didn't go to lunch.. work all the time.. eventhough i chat with emie, shayna, siti nirwana, kak hanim, and so many other people online, i was still doing it.. till at this one time.. i know how to make the payment go through.. so that's the answer.. but still cannot solve to make it actually go through.. through the proper way.. but I had to make a slight modification.. and yes it's done..

My Boss :: As he walked passed my place around 6.40 pm this afternoon, he loudly says.. oh this guy was so exhausted.. but he really does things rite.. i know we sometimes think about problem in the office even we're at home.. I sometimes.. bla bla bla.. but everyone was looking at me like.. was.. he's so hardworking..

My friend :: as he walked pass my place.. he said.. wah friend u're so busy.. and don't even want to have lunch with us anymore.. i know la.. u always talk with zakaria.. do u have big problem or what???

State of the ART :: As you got problem.. always get your boss to help you.. report to him on anything.. any progress you have.. you should be always seen sitting together with him.. on his desk.. and if he always been seen at other people place, that's better, approach him with your problem when he's around with other people.. i don't actually wanna do this.. but.. it actually happened coincidently.. and the good thing is, people know you're in deep shit so you need his help very much..

Note :: All incidents in this were coincidental. I have no intention of doing things for serving the purpose of the trick.. but it can be referred as to help you in achieving your goal.. we have short, mid term and long term goals.. so it's up to you to choose.. :P

April 12, 2004

Re :: Me la plak...

HAVE YOU EVER------------------
* Ever been so drunk you blacked out: nope
* Missed school B/coz it was raining: Heh.. how i wish..
* Put a body part on fire for amusement: my feet hehehe
* Been hurt emotionally: yes
* Kept a secret from everyone: yeah
* Had an imaginary friend: nope
* Cried during a Movie: hehehehe.... :p
* Had a crush on a teacher: always...
* Ever thought an animated character was hot?: few times.
* Had a New Kids on the Block tape: nope
* Been on stage: yeah.. few times performing..
* Cut your hair: not been doing it for about a year

------------------FavORIT ES------------------
* Shampoo: CAPIRELAX..
* Soap: Shokubutsu
* Color: Black + Orange
* Day/Night: night
* Summer/Winter: summer
* Lace or satin: satin
* Fave cartoon Characters!: Tom & Jerry, Mickey Mouse
* Fave Food: Seafood (it's killing me)
* Fave Advert: Maxis.. always maxis..
* Fave Movie: braveheart
* Fave Ice Cream: walls
* Fave Subject: Laboratory hahaha
* Fave 'normal' Drink: teh o nipis suam kuwang hajo.. eh kuwang manis..
* Fave Persons to talk to online: Baby..

----------------RIGHT NOW------------------
* Wearing: dark blue shirt and white pants
* Hair is: byknya ketombe bodoh ni...
* I'm feeling: nothing. No work.. nothing to do..
* Eating : null
* Drinking: hingus sendiri..
* Thinkin bout: when should i see my stylist..
* Listening to: Abu ringing tone..
* Talkin 2: no one

---------------IN THE LAST 24 HRS------------------

* Cried: nope
* Worn a skirt: nope
* Met someone New : nope
* Cleaned your room: yesterday
* Done laundry: nope
* Drove a car: coming to work

---------------DO YOU BELIEVE IN------------------
* Yourself: not really
* Your friends: most of them
* Santa Claus: haha
* Tooth Fairy: i wish
* Destiny/Fate: true
* Angels: true
* Ghosts: 1/2 believe
* UFO's: hehehe.. :p

-----------------FRIENDS AND LIFE------------------
* Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: no
* Like anyone:: hillary duff
* Who's the loudest: farok
* Who's the shyest: firdaus
* Who's the weirdest: hehehe :p
* Who do you go to for advice: matte, wira, farok
* Who do you cry to?: mommy
* When you cried the most: hehe
* What?s the best feeling in the world: being appreciated
* Worst feeling: losing something u love most..
* Who will respond to this email the fastest?: no one.
* Who did you send this to who won?t reply: everyone
* Who sent this 2u: shayna
* Do you want all your friends to do this and send it back to you: no please..

Gals :: How to get them off you.

Last nite :: Aida called me and asking to see me. I was telling her that I'm sick and unable to move. She asked whether I'm going to work tomorrow and I say no. Later she asked me this one killer question: -

"Who am I to you? I've put all my hope to you...."

Answer :: The answer here is.. okay.. it's up to you guys. I mean.. If u're being asked the same question, it is up to you guys how are you going to answer it. But the key point is.. be frank.. Just tell her exactly how do you feel. A girl won't ask such a question unless she's totally in love with you.

My Answer :: Nothing, and please no hope for me. I'm a hopeless jerk and value nothing to you. I'm just not ready for anything yet and would actually living alone for the nect 5-10 years from now.

Actual Answer I wanted to give :: You're not for me. hehe.. me neither. I'm too bad for you to live with. I'll hurt you in anyway i could. You're just too pretty for me but not sexy. I'd prefer sexy woman rather than pretty. Pretty means nothing for me. I'd better screw a donkey rather than screwing you.. bla bla bla...

The ART :: Be frank but not too frank. Just deliver the main points where it will actually serve the purpose of getting her off you.

State of the ART :: Be careful. Certain gal would not accept the first answer. The first one is still hurtful. It'll hurt the gal because she can't have a relationship with you. But some gal would just say, I know there are still hope. That's why i prepared the 2nd type of answering that question which, I won't ensure it will work but unfortunately, that will really break the gal's heart. So the thing is, if you really wanna break a girl's heart, just do it...

This seems to be cruel rite, but sometime you have to be cruel to be kind....

Me :: Ain't that lame?

Tasha did called me yesterday to go and fetch her from Puduraya when she arrived in the morning. Okay that's fine..

At around 4 am she woke me up and I'm ready to fetch her there.

I'm a bit late reaching puduraya and she already gone with a cab to her place and I'm already in Pudu.

What should I do now? Argh.. Lozer..

April 9, 2004

50 First Dates :: Awesome and touching...

Afternoon :: Emie asked whether I'm going to Mid Valley or not.. Me not so sure..

5.30 :: Emie nagged, complaining about shayna being childish, asking emie to fetch her from her home and whatever.. Just after emie parked her car, hasna called and we were chatting till shayna called.. I was bluffing her all the way, telling that I'm in the Mines Wonderland and not going for a movie, already watched 50 first dates with emie the day before and she seems to be confused. hahaha.. me gotcha shayna.. and what boiled me was... she's in mid valley.. well.. she got us too..

Dinner :: Went to dinner at KFC. We're having big laughs.. while there are always 1-2 kfc's staff by the side of our table.. for what reason were not sure.. later just before we move to coffee bean, i threw out everything and my tummy's empty again. We sat at the coffee bean till 8.50 and make a move.

Goin to Movie :: We walked to the GSC and me myself met a lot of my freak friends from MMU or from wherever it is ini the world. went in early.. quite empty and we started to watch people as nothing to watch. then the movie started...

The Movie :: It started with every single girl who went to that Island seems to have been sleeping with this guy Henry Roth. Except only when this one fine day, this guy met with a girl who always made a house with her waffle. Adam Sandler as Henry Roth and Drew Barrymore as Lucy. Henry made a good move when he actually pinned a toothpick to the last piece of the waffle to be the door of the house. From there they had a long talk and actually their chemistry was so so kewl and strong they were so happy when they parted off and decide to meet at the same place again tomorrow, for breakfast.

The next Day :: Henry went there again and without having to wait he straight away sat in front of her and suddenly... Lucy screamt! It was a bit havoc and the shop owner pulls henry off the restaurant and told henry that this pity gal is actually having the problem of storing short term memory in her mind. So that's where the movie really started. You know what.. henry was so in love with this gal, he'll make this gal fall in love with him every single day.. that's amazing and touching..

Later :: Go watch yourself.. There are cinemas around and just pick which cinema to park your smelly ass and just watch.. I really recommend this movie..

The ART :: Every single person does have the same effect. Any single mistake done, will have the same effect. Your love will lose bit by bit. And what we all should do is to actually rose the love everyday. Make your loved one love you even more every single day.

State of the ART :: Yeah agree, you must be really love that person if you wanna do this.


April 7, 2004

Viral Flu :: How to get fast recovery!!!

Early Symptoms :: On Friday nite, I went back home with flu like symptoms, extreme tiredness, cough, chills, shaking and extreme fatigue. These symptoms lasted in varying degrees. Each onset was characterized by 2 or 3 rapid, heavy heartbeats then an accelerated heart rate of about 90 to 120 beats per minute. The rapid heartbeat would last for about 5 minutes then settle to about 70 resting(which is high for me). Then I would shake violently for some time.

Karaoke :: On the next day, I woke up early to visit my aunt in the hospital, no one was there and I only can see her from a distance. Went back home and wait for ermie to fecth me to Karaoke in Bangsar. Fetched shayna and here we go.

Aching :: I was always worrying on my high uric acid level in my body. I was thinking that the aching in all over my body was caused by the amount of squid that i was having last nite in Mayra's BBQ. All my joint were aching badly even i can't walk properly because of the aching. And then, we went for meals at Kedai Nasi Ayam in Sungai Wang and later they drop me off Mid Valley to see my parents and my sisters there. I'm supposed to treat them this time.

In Mid Valley :: Met them, was about to take them to Chili's but it was full and we just had our dinner at piccolo mondo. Then my father drove me back home and i fell asleep as i put my head on my bed.

Viral Flu :: I met the doctor on Sunday, the doctor confirmed that it is the viral flu. It might remain for weeks or even months!!!.. So I manage to get an injection on my butt.. Ouch.. I still can feel the needle is actually tapping my pelvical bone. ouch ouch.. took the pills and everything gone okay. Luckily the Dr. gave me a medical leave. Went out with emie, watched movie.. it was Along Came Polly. then went back home.. Fell asleep.. badly..

One whole day of fever :: On the next day, I'm having a very bad fever. Woke up at 7 but struggling to get myself out of bed and only at 10am something i manage to do it. Take bath, and went out shopping for food. I won't take medicine without food. Went back home, eat and took the medicine. I even put wet towels on my body just to help to reduce the temperature of my body. In the evening, emie took me out and have dinner at Ampang. Wah.. nice dinner and i went back sleeping happily..

Working & Fever :: Emie drove me to work. Very bad. I'm very weak. Cold. Cannot stand the office weather. Temperature was damn too low and i was struggling to survive the office weather. Then my boss asked me out to muamalat and do our job there. back in the office later in the afternoon and emie drove me back home. At home, I was struggling again with the fever.. I didn't take dinner, tonite i'll be playing futsal. Should I go or not? I took a nap and shivering.. zzzZZZ

The ART :: When I woke up, it's damn cold. I struggled badly to the washroom for ablution. I was badly giggling in my prayer. Slowly put everything on, have a lil nice chat with kelvin, my housemate. I went down, drove my car to Sports Unlimited PJ, played futsal, scored 3 goals.. hahaha.. go back, took bath, sleep and woke up in the morning with my fever gone!!!!

State of the ART :: Before i went to futsal, I took cough syrup and a paracetamol pill with an empty stomach. We all know the effect of the cough syrup, it might boost skills or whatever our ability of controlling the thing we are doing. Done futsal, I vomitted about 13-14 times, it was all water that I thrown out. Plus the cough syrup.

My Theory :: If you don't get it, it's not the cough syrup that helped me recoverying from my viral flu. The cough syrup is just a booster to enable me to play futsal that nite. I played so good, scored 3 goals. Sweating heavily or extremely will really help you to recover from your illness. All the time, my back was all time heating. You know why? The back bone is where all the anti-body (white blood cell) is being produced. When I was in flu, it was really heating since it has to produce more and more anti-body to fight the flu. When it's too hot and cannot be delivered into something else, the anti-body production will become slow or stopped. With doing extra work, blood circulation is improved and heating can be translated into sweat and anti-body production can proceed as usual.

This is just my own theory. Don't believe it.. hehe.. but it works for me. Now i'm free of viral flu but i still have my light cough and my left hand is aching cause yesterday's incident...

April 6, 2004

Q&A :: Something about me..

W O U L D Y O U R A T H E R:
1) pierce your nose or tongue?
no no no, but if i have to, it would be nose.

2) be serious or be funny?

3) drink whole or skim milk?
skim milk

A R E Y O U:
4) simple or complicated?

5) flowers or angels?

6) grey or gray?

7) colored or black-and-white photos?

8) lust or love?

9) sunrise or sunset?

10) M&Ms or Skittles?

11) rap or rock?
rock, rap is okay too

12) staying up late or waking up early?
Wake up early

13) TV or radio?
TV of course....

14) eating apples or oranges?
Apple juice.

A N S W E R T R U T H F U L L Y:
16) Do you have a crush?

17) Who is it?
not relevant

D O Y O U P R E F E R:
18) being hot or cold?
now i would prefer hot because i'm on a very bad fever

19) tall members of the opposite sex?
yes.. they're are catcher..

20) sun or moon?

21) emeralds or rubies?

22) left or right?

23) having 10 acquaintances or 1 best friend?
10 acquaintances

24) sun or rain?

25) vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream?
vanilla ice cream

27) green beans or carrots?
carrot beans.. hehe..

26) boys or girls?

28) low fat or fat free?
low fat

M I S C E L L A N E O U S:
29) What is your biggest fear in the world?
being lonely

30) Kids or no kids?
kids of course..

31) Cat or dog?
no no no please..

32) Half empty or half full?
half full

33) Mustard or ketchup?

34) Hard cover books or soft cover books?
doesn't make any differences

35) Newspaper or magazine?

36) Sandals or sneakers?

37) Wonder or amazement?

38) Red car or white car?
red car

39) Happy and poor or sad and rich?
sad and rich

40) Singing or dancing?

41) Hugging or kissing?

42) Corduroy or plain?

43) Happy or sad?

45) Blondes or brunettes?

A B O U T Y O U:
What time is it?
5.11 in the afternoon

Full name?
Mohamad Izham Che Ros

Slash, Tenno, Kercast, Sir Klex, Kerrang.

Names and ages of siblings?
Angah 26, Ina 24, Adik 20, Izzat, 16, Farah, 6.

Number of candles that appeared on your last
birthday cake?
only 1 hehehe..

Date that you regularly blow them out?
January the 23rd

Eye color?
hazel hahaha

Hair color?
supposedly black but it seems to be a bit brownish

no no no

April 2, 2004

Vote :: First Time.....

Election :: It's the call for the people of the country to face the election. I've been involved in the elections since 1995. At that I was just completed my secondary school and while waiting for the 'O' level result to come out, I did a lot of things, including working in a car wash.

Interest :: Politics has been my interest since the first i understand what politics are for. Even though it's not always clean, it's something that I think everyone must care about. It's our future. It will determine the direction of the country. It will also determine how the country gonna be administered.

Pattern :: In Malaysia, election is always being won by the ruling party. It has never been in the history whereby any party taken over the ruling of the country. Election is always about how the people react to the government. When there's an issue that people are not in favor with, people will react by giving more votes to the opposition.

My Part :: This is my first time as a voter. I vote somewhere in Kuala Pilah Negeri Sembilan because the address stated in my ID was there. Luckily my father and mom is also voting at the same place as mine.

The ART :: Checked my name and it's in the list, noticing my channel and went inside, telling them m name, they annouced it and gave me the voting paper. Hahahah.. I was nervous. And something like miracle, I just feel like to out the cross mark in the wrong places and I'm noticing something is going with me. I calmed down, take a deep breathe and here we go. I voted what I wanted to vote (it's either the ruling party or the opposition since for both state and parliamentary seat for my place is a one by one challenge) and put it into the box they've prepared for the vote papers to be put in.

State of the ART :: It's just a cross. Cross that is driven by your intelligence, emotion, anger, happiness or whatsoever that has come over your mind. My vote is based on what I think it's best for the place. Voting for the government is good but sometimes we need the opposition to balance up everything. Well, opposition does not always play their best role as the opposition. It's up to you. For me, first time voting is realy something to remember as I've been involved as a non voter, campaigning here and there and now it's my time to vote. It's kewl u know.. something i just can't tell.

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