April 30, 2004

Laundry :: How to low down the cost..

The cost :: At my new place, there's a laundry, an indonesian girl sitting there waiting people to deposit clothes. The cost was like, 0-3 kg for RM7, which is quite high.

What do u wear :: Which part on your body that u think you cannot apply the same clothes again. I don't knoe how to explain this but let say, you went to jogging and you sweat all over. You were wearing a t-shirt, short and socks. When the clothes are fully dried, which piece of cloth that you think you still can bear to wear?

Me :: As for me, i can bear wearing only the shorts. I won't be comfortable if something not so clean to be wore on my higher abdominal part or to my sockwear part.

Meaning :: Let's go straight to the point. If I wear a pant on moanday, I'll be wearing it again on wenchday or thirstday. Even for shorts to play futsal. But it's not for my shirt or t-shirt. I can't bear the sweating part of the shirt (armpits, back, collar) to be worn again. Same goes to my socks.

The ART :: So, since pants are heavier, i can reduce the weight of my laundries. So we pay less, and can save money for a lot of other things.

State of the ART :: Okay. First, as for me, use light pants, wear less t-shirt, less jeans, jackets or anything that heavy. Second, have pants that look-a-like, same colour, same design, so people will actually won't think that you're recycling the cycle of your pants since they think that u have a lot of pants of the same.

Or :: Go back to your parent's home and wash there for free :).

Else :: Any other ideas? I can't wash on my own. My hands and fingers are too sensitive to detergens or bubbly cleansers. I don't have a place to hang my wet clothes (since I'm staying in a condo). I betcha, it will still smells that same if I wash 'em on my own. What are your say guys???

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