April 12, 2004

Gals :: How to get them off you.

Last nite :: Aida called me and asking to see me. I was telling her that I'm sick and unable to move. She asked whether I'm going to work tomorrow and I say no. Later she asked me this one killer question: -

"Who am I to you? I've put all my hope to you...."

Answer :: The answer here is.. okay.. it's up to you guys. I mean.. If u're being asked the same question, it is up to you guys how are you going to answer it. But the key point is.. be frank.. Just tell her exactly how do you feel. A girl won't ask such a question unless she's totally in love with you.

My Answer :: Nothing, and please no hope for me. I'm a hopeless jerk and value nothing to you. I'm just not ready for anything yet and would actually living alone for the nect 5-10 years from now.

Actual Answer I wanted to give :: You're not for me. hehe.. me neither. I'm too bad for you to live with. I'll hurt you in anyway i could. You're just too pretty for me but not sexy. I'd prefer sexy woman rather than pretty. Pretty means nothing for me. I'd better screw a donkey rather than screwing you.. bla bla bla...

The ART :: Be frank but not too frank. Just deliver the main points where it will actually serve the purpose of getting her off you.

State of the ART :: Be careful. Certain gal would not accept the first answer. The first one is still hurtful. It'll hurt the gal because she can't have a relationship with you. But some gal would just say, I know there are still hope. That's why i prepared the 2nd type of answering that question which, I won't ensure it will work but unfortunately, that will really break the gal's heart. So the thing is, if you really wanna break a girl's heart, just do it...

This seems to be cruel rite, but sometime you have to be cruel to be kind....

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