April 21, 2004

Diagnosis :: Last few futsal sessions

Initial State :: I've been playing futsal with my skateboarding pair of shoes. Damn.. The shoe was oversized and i can't kick properly using it. But as I'm getting used to it, I can play well with it... but I just can't kick..

New pair of shoe :: Last saturday as I went to Bukit Bintang with Emie, I bought myself a new pair of shoe. It was a diadora white shoe, which seem kewl to me. It's offering a free shoe bag with it, which for me just nice as I need the bag to put all my things when I'm playing futsal as there are so many things to keep, my keys, handphones, wallet and so many on..

It does not fit :: That nite, after went out with Emie and Farhan, I get back home and was trying the new shoes. Damn it was way too fit, I can't even straighten my toes. I'm sweating over as I can't find the receipt. Well, I'll just try my luck.

Changing the shoes :: The next day, before I went out with S.H.E.Y.N.A (hehe.. i read it rite this time aight?), I went by myself to Bukit Bintang and getting it change. Lucky I am, the same colour for the same design for size 8 was out of stock but it's available for other colour. Without wasting I just took it, the colour was a bit girlish but I don't care as I just wanna play.

Playing with it for the first time :: Yeah.. as I expected, my boss was laughing at the shoes, the colour was funny, and kinda attracting attention and the girlish colour it's having. That time, I was playing on the half turf court but out of my surprise, it's stopping me hard. The grip was too strong and I hardly move around as everytime it grips hard on the ground.

Aching :: My left knee starts to ache from the sudden stops my shoes making as the result of the strong grip it had. Maybe it's because of the dry turf, whereby it should be on the wet turf. And my left knee was operated sometimes ago so the probability of it to be having problem is quite high, but as I've been playing for quite sometimes, it never hurts, just this time. And my right ankle was a bit irritated, as the result of the high sidewall of the shoes.

Can't play very well :: Play badly. Sometimes i just cannot recover from falling as my legs were too weak. My right foot was folded a few times while I was running.

My Right Ankle :: I told myself this aching is not normal so I'd better slow down. I hardly walk, the ankle is giving me problem this time. I remembered once I was having one to one crash with another guy in a football match once, and it really damaged my ankle. I lose my chance to play for the U team and my ankle was badly hurt. I was rested for 4 months and since then, i just forget soccer (which later i joined the rugby team)

Last nite :: Was even worse!!! I really can't play. DOn't wanna talk about it. The ankle is getting worse as well..

Diagnosis :: My boss, told me that the shoe size should really be fit, which my previous size of shoes was rite, it should be tight, and reduce one or two size of the normal shoes daily wore. And I should be getting the the non-marking shoes for futsal, where it is giving less tense to the legs.

Conclusion :: I'll be getting new shoes then. Umbro size 7-7.5, the price is about RM69. hehe..

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