April 13, 2004

Office Trick :: How to make people look at you as a busy person

Tricks :: Hehe.. me full of tricks ain't I but it's always about working.. It's not always about trick for me.. but it just will help you guys out there who really depends on the tricks..

Problem :: I've been assigned through the CAMS system (what the hell was CAMS, i would never know) a problem which was occuring late tuesday 30th March 2004. Firstly, it was my boss who were doing it. But as he gets busy, I was the one who gotta do it.. It was something to do with date verification. And i knew it.. i did everything but what I was hoping, case closed.

Severity 3 :: For this case, it was assigned as severity 3, whereby i have 2 weeks to settle it down. So as it was another 2 weeks to go.. i do it slow and setady.. as I do not know what the real problem was though, even though i know where the problem.. I just do not know how to solve it. Everyday was like looking at the source code and stare off it.

Severity 2 :: Only when I was out with Emie somewhere in Bukit Bintang Yesterday, My boss called, telling me that the problem was upgraded to severity 2.. that menas I've only 8 hours to deal with it.. wow weee... who the hell was the fella, who were so clever to change it to severity 2? I was so mad at that time.. hafta go back to the office and dela with it.. and of course I cannot solve it..

The ART :: I have nothing else to do rather than just looking at the source code and analyzing it.. I didn't go to lunch.. work all the time.. eventhough i chat with emie, shayna, siti nirwana, kak hanim, and so many other people online, i was still doing it.. till at this one time.. i know how to make the payment go through.. so that's the answer.. but still cannot solve to make it actually go through.. through the proper way.. but I had to make a slight modification.. and yes it's done..

My Boss :: As he walked passed my place around 6.40 pm this afternoon, he loudly says.. oh this guy was so exhausted.. but he really does things rite.. i know we sometimes think about problem in the office even we're at home.. I sometimes.. bla bla bla.. but everyone was looking at me like.. was.. he's so hardworking..

My friend :: as he walked pass my place.. he said.. wah friend u're so busy.. and don't even want to have lunch with us anymore.. i know la.. u always talk with zakaria.. do u have big problem or what???

State of the ART :: As you got problem.. always get your boss to help you.. report to him on anything.. any progress you have.. you should be always seen sitting together with him.. on his desk.. and if he always been seen at other people place, that's better, approach him with your problem when he's around with other people.. i don't actually wanna do this.. but.. it actually happened coincidently.. and the good thing is, people know you're in deep shit so you need his help very much..

Note :: All incidents in this were coincidental. I have no intention of doing things for serving the purpose of the trick.. but it can be referred as to help you in achieving your goal.. we have short, mid term and long term goals.. so it's up to you to choose.. :P

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