April 2, 2004

Vote :: First Time.....

Election :: It's the call for the people of the country to face the election. I've been involved in the elections since 1995. At that I was just completed my secondary school and while waiting for the 'O' level result to come out, I did a lot of things, including working in a car wash.

Interest :: Politics has been my interest since the first i understand what politics are for. Even though it's not always clean, it's something that I think everyone must care about. It's our future. It will determine the direction of the country. It will also determine how the country gonna be administered.

Pattern :: In Malaysia, election is always being won by the ruling party. It has never been in the history whereby any party taken over the ruling of the country. Election is always about how the people react to the government. When there's an issue that people are not in favor with, people will react by giving more votes to the opposition.

My Part :: This is my first time as a voter. I vote somewhere in Kuala Pilah Negeri Sembilan because the address stated in my ID was there. Luckily my father and mom is also voting at the same place as mine.

The ART :: Checked my name and it's in the list, noticing my channel and went inside, telling them m name, they annouced it and gave me the voting paper. Hahahah.. I was nervous. And something like miracle, I just feel like to out the cross mark in the wrong places and I'm noticing something is going with me. I calmed down, take a deep breathe and here we go. I voted what I wanted to vote (it's either the ruling party or the opposition since for both state and parliamentary seat for my place is a one by one challenge) and put it into the box they've prepared for the vote papers to be put in.

State of the ART :: It's just a cross. Cross that is driven by your intelligence, emotion, anger, happiness or whatsoever that has come over your mind. My vote is based on what I think it's best for the place. Voting for the government is good but sometimes we need the opposition to balance up everything. Well, opposition does not always play their best role as the opposition. It's up to you. For me, first time voting is realy something to remember as I've been involved as a non voter, campaigning here and there and now it's my time to vote. It's kewl u know.. something i just can't tell.

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