March 17, 2004

Priceless :: Spending squeezed limited time with my 2 bro and my lil sista....

Call :: I've got a call from my father regarding my granma who was hospitalized due to her internal stomach problem. She's waiting for her turn for an operation, maybe on Friday or saturday. I myself was bz with the video thingy and askd both my sisters for their time to be in Malacca just before the saturday afternoon where i'll be shooting back to melaka.

Departed :: On the saturday afternoon, after some incidents, I shoot back to malacca and arrived there at around 2 o'clock. Went for the prayer in the mosque and napped. Then search my way to where did my family have their lunch and lepak. My father was telling everyone that myhair was like 'Sakai'. Hehe.. My other auntie asked me to cut short my hair and i was just as usual, giggles and smile.

Visit :: My granma was then out of the operation and placed in the ICU. Visited her, I was so happy that there are so many people who still care and love each other. She's showered by love from all her children and relatives. She's not alone in this world. Then I went back to Senawang and have my good rest there....

Sunday :: Woke up late and found out that my father went out early in the morning and left for malacca. I and my mom went out to buy groceries and things to cook for lunch. Then my father called and we are needed in Malacca as soon as possible. Went in for the afternoon visit and, been there for 2 hours and went back

Jusco :: As we were not having our lunch yet, we went to Jusco and have lunch there.. After lunch.. gosh .. it was raining..

PRICELESS ART :: We were having lunch at the Mc Donalds and my sister was so happy about it.. We went up to the gaming zone later and i fighted my bro in the DAYTONA game, lose a few times but aboslute winning was my last game. I won over him.. But he was so happy we spent on the gaming.. yeah, in fact every body was happy.. I seldomly have time for them...

State of the ART :: I went back home with the happy feeling. I'm really happy that day cause i made my bro and sista happy. that's kewl.. The onyl thing was, sometimes the moment you will enjoy will not be planned. Thanx to god for the rain. Otherwise we will just went back home sleepily without doing anything happy. Even tho spend a lot of money, happiness cannot just be bought just like that.. I love to see Farah enjoy her food and especially when she tried so hard to finish her beef burger.. woo.. I'm touched.. She has never been like that. I love to see her face when she finished up her burger. And I love to see my brother walked away out of the gaming zone with long smile across her face. We're back to our younger days.. when I was still 17,18,19.. I was there.. and now I'm a bz man.. Spending that time is the most precious time I had ever for this week. Love ya guys.. love ya farah.. wan.. izzat.. and i miss u guys so much too.. :D

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