March 8, 2004

Windows XP :: How the hell to get it running again!!!

Bob :: Was calling me all the way since Friday, then I told him that I was about to go to Port Dickson that nite. We were trying to transfer the video we've taken in Desaru to VCD format to be presented to the MOA Inc. Well, I guess they can do it by themselves there. Yeah...

Me :: Went to the Port Dickson, have fun there. With my cousins, enjoying the sea, boat riding, canoeing... Fooh.. tiring.. And on that Sunday night, I went back to serdang quite late because I was so tired and get to bed early. Bob called me again, anyway this time Rosman was talking but I was so so so sluggish.

Monday :: First day of the week going to work. Yeah boring. Yann as usual asking for so many things. Boos on leave, he's sick. hehe.. and me.. going here & there have lunch coming late as usual, doing nothing, and finished browsing thru my blue emails at 8. Get out of the office and reached Taman Desa at around 8.30. Looked at some rooms I'm gonna rent then. Went to Bob's house. As usual long talk, brainstorming and we only started to face the notebook at around 12.00 o'clock.

Problem :: Notebook was short of hard disk space. In order to do that, i just erase the whole linux partition. We manage to find a way to stream the Video through USB cable and get it appear on the video capture screen. Yeah. I rebooted. Oh NO!!!!! Grub console appeared and seems like nothing can be done. And I go sleep. And this morning till the lunch time I was struggling to find a way on how to boot the Windows XP, other than using the CD.

The ART :: Yeah, I called Wira, asked him to take me to Mid Valley, find the pirated Windows XP Installation CD, went back to the Office and TADA!!!! Windows XP is back running!!!

State of the ART :: I'm used to be a person who always bring my backup CD everywhere I go. Since I no longer deal with PCs maintenance, installation and customization now, I'm no longer a PC techie. But, ya know sometimes we were so comfortable with what we have and so relying on other people who has done our job but once we were on our own, we were never ready for the obstacle that might happened. In this case, I was stucked from transferring the video from the camera to the notebook. So, just spare yourself for some unnecessary necessities (in this case the XP CD) to face the unexpected obstacles (e.g the umbrella to face the rain, or a pack of tissue when u suddenly heard ur bf died, or a knife to stab the guy who went out with your gf) in your life

Technically for XP :: Ok here we go. Boot your computer with Windows XP Bootable Installation CD, wait till everything is done and when it ask for repair, type R and enter the Administrator password. In the command prompt, just type fixmbr and later fixboot. You'll get your windows XP up and running again as usual.

Slash Rose

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