March 2, 2004

Food::Where to eat like all you can eat?

Me :: Has become quite less eating nowadays. I must have something done to me to trigger my self to become an eater like i was. Food has become so boring since i haven't cooking for quite a while. I do enjoy my own cooking since I know how it's gonna taste. Eating outside was just to fill up the hunger of my tummy.

Nana & Tina :: I was brought to this kewl place named Chilli's by Nana and Tina.. i guess last year. Me, being a conservative person (i was working in Telekom R&D with small salary) who'd prefer eating at cheap places like stalls and so on. They brought me there (of course I'm paying), ordered 3 glass of lemonade and a sandwich burger. Kewl but still nothing urged me to like the place..

Emie :: She has always been good about places. Places to eat. Places to karaoke. Places to buy cheap things. Places to whatever. Gals. I guess they just know places, better than the males do. I was thinking that I know good places but was surprised there are more good places exist, even in KL.

Mid Valley :: A place I rike to go. Got Chilli's there. Got Sushi King there.. Coffee Bean as well (which I'm now rarely goes).

The ART :: Emie was planning to treat me for dinner. And suggesting chilli's. I wonder what's good to eat there as I myself seldomly goes to such places. She suggested me the Jack Mushroom and Fruit Juices. She herself ordered the Chips and Iced Lemon Tea. And guess what. The chips, juice and the pita bread (the one I ate with Jack Mushroom) all can be refilled. Gosh!!!! (Some of you might think that I'm a stupid dumb a**) This is heaven!!!

State of the ART :: Go out with girls. A lot! hehe.. Guess they know good places. People like me just headed to normal places. Gal nowadays are very much more adventurous (I was but am getting older, and I was adventurous in the sense of doing idiotic and dangerous things). Yeah you know, gals were like buying new clothes every single month, at least a pair of shoes. Of course they've spotted where to go to get the best they can squeeze the best from what they have (and i'm not the only person who maximizely squeezed my resources, everyone does!!!

Dos' :: That's just one place. This is the reason why i befriend with a lot of gals. They have a lot of information. lately, I just knew abt rotiboy. Liza told me abt it earlier but I didn't put attention on what she's been saying. Only when emie brought me there then only i remember liza told me. Just like the case of Tina & Nana brought me to the Chilli's. I know nothing cause I was thinking about some other thing.

Don'ts :: Never ignore what they say, or ask. Because as a male. we have to admit that we are sometimes idiot and stupid. Nothing is wrong if the gals know better than you. :p

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