March 8, 2004

Singing::How does an idiot become a Karaoke star!

Intro :: As me and Emie were always going out together nowadays, we've always been talking about latest songs and what are good songs for karaoke. Once I've heard she sang a song, I just thought that she had a wonderful voice and good singing capability. And at this one time I was telling her I wanted to sing a song named 'Sampai Hati' (which had helped me to won the 2nd prize in a Karaoke contest which I just dropped in without planning sometimes ago). She asked me how does it sounds, i was trying to sing it but accidentally I was way out of tune and she laughed.. oh yeah.. she laughed.. hahaha...

Singing Background :: I can sing. In proper tune and proper pitch, it is just that i cannot use my original normal voice to sing high pitch song, and I'm limited to certain note, depending on my health. If i'm on flue, of course I can't reach even the F# note and sometimes it's hard to control the tone. Hard to breathe caused me to lose control in pitching out the lyrics.

Historical Background :: I like music, very much. I want to make music my living (hahahahaha.. william Hung again, the return of of the hung go to I was kinda attracted to all kind of musical instruments since I was a kid. I like to sit on the bench that was placed under a piano.. and look at it. and touch it. Music has always been my desire of lust when i was a kid.

Singing ability :: My mom always noticed that I always like to record myself in the radio singing songs from Francesca Peters (she was my favourite). I started with recording myself reciting azan, singing kid songs and reading news to the old radio (yeah I was kinda a DIY phreak when I was small, I would open and fix (or ruin)just any electrical device). Until when I was in standard 3, my music teacher asked me to join the choir team. Ya know, in the primary school, we will be asked to sing 'LA', by following the tone played by the teacher. I really enjoy doing it by giving my best sound I could. She (a chinese female teacher, kinda sexy) said I've got a good soprano voice (yeah I was a kid, so beat my high pitch screaming sound)

Choir Team :: Have u ever heard of Azian Mazwan Safuan? Yeah I was in the same school as hers. Since we were in the same choir team, she always asked me to join her and her mates doing things (yeah, when I was a kid, I was kinda cute too and of course I was in the soprano line, she was in alto, so being in the soprano was KEWL, even a friend of my mom was so jealous at me cause her daughter who happened to know more and learn about music could not get a place in the choir soprano line). We achieved a lot of success, and I just won't forget the moment we won the 2nd place for the whole Terengganu choir competition when i was in standard 4. The 1st place won by a christian chinese school (which was truly marvellous, with a solo singer playing around with his voice just like the niggers do). Azian did hugged me (hehe) when the result was announced. Indeed, there are some other senior girls who were like holding my hands and kissing me (haha again, hey I'm not like William Hung) but for a kid, those mean nothing than just showers of love given by those around me. Hmm.. my mom didn't know about this... hehe..

The EVENT :: Me, Emie and Sheyna went to karaoke. Emie was so eager to listen to me singing. Yeah.. she sang first.. hmm... haha.. guess she'll read this but I can say she can sing, but need to be polished up a bit with better voice-shiver control, and voice projection technique. Sheyna can sing but some times, they were out of tune. She got a better voice projection. Haha.. myself? You should listen for your self.

The ART :: I was showing off by singing some of my favourite song with the need of voice control. Yeah.. hehe.. No need further explanation as this will just made everyone to vomit.

State of the ART :: Learn from the basic. Learn how to sing the same tone as what you listen to. Learn how to sing Do Re Mi properly. Learn what is minor and major are. I thought music is still being thought in school nowadays but they aren't. Learn how to slide in your harmonic voice to a song. Its easy for me. And the most important thing, learn to ACCEPT CRITICISM from other people, who are much better than you. Do not be like those in American Idol, which I think they're obviously bad in singing but still want to stand that they can sing. Oh gosh.

My thoughts :: I could say, in Akademi Fantasia, only vince can sing properly as he does have all the basic about music. He knows on harmonics. Ask the others. Can they? Haha..

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