March 1, 2004

On Fuel Again::Minimizing the usage of your car propellant

Case :: Me went to Desaru, last Tuesday, it was so tiring. Half day leave on Tuesday and whole day on the wednesday weren't enuf for me to do things slowly and careful. Everythin was at pace. I was driving with Aboy, Bob's nephew. We're havin Maggi that afternoon (which the case was we're about to save expenses on almost everything since everyone has squeeze everything they have to ensure this event to be successful)

Scientific Explanation :: It was hot, and saving fuel would not be as easy as it sounds. Daytime heat will cause more force to be used as the heat will actually heat up the tyre, causing the tyre to grow bigger a little bit and more surface of the tyre on the road. More surface of the tyre on the road means the tyre will bite the road MORE. In this case, tyre grip is better but car acceleration is slowered down as the tyre grips the road better. (In other case, it's better to loosen up the grip :p)

Drawback :: I was still ambitious of saving on my fuel even I was given extra money by Bob. I was expecting the expenses would be just on myself but even if you got extra, why don't we just be pathetic and try to squeeze the most out of what you get? We shuttled first, guess we were 30 minutes in front of Bob when we were just entered the highway. I was driving slowly.. real slow at around 70-95 km/h. It would be boring but it's fun.. Given we have a lot of activities, such as singing by the player, lookin at chicks and cars as well. Reached somewhere I started to lose control, was chasing a car that was not so fast, but just myself that felt my arrogantness has been teared off so we end up reaching desaru with my fuel gauge indicated nearly 3/4 of the tank content had been burnt out. At the end, Bob was an hour and 5 minutes in front of us. We rested in a good bungalow (guess what, a whole bungalow complete with TV, karaoke set in the hall, dining room, kitchen, BBQ set, a separate place for reading and 3 rooms with attached bathroom to each of it, just RM100 a night!!!!!!!), and prepare for the event the next day.

The ART :: As everything went fine and very well, the event was a successful one. I myself decided to see my parents in JB, which is just 1.5 to 2 hours of driving from Desaru, they were so near so it's something I cannot miss. They were so near but I didn't see 'em (in fact I miss them so much as I actually see 'em every single week). So everyone agreed to join me to JB for the dinner. We went to Singgah Selalu Restaurant (this restaurant is kinda famous) enjoy the food while me playing with my lil sista, Farah, and drive off back to KL. It was 10 o'clock and I reach KL at 2.15 am with my fuel tank gauge indicated that my fuel was still 3/4 unemptied.

State of the ART :: I was driving real SLOW! And it was at night. 10 o'clock till 2.15 am. And I poured in Shell gasoline. We call this minimize the fuel consumption and maximize the mileage. The reason why I do everything above was as below:-
Drive real SLOW :: I was driving a proton car (1.5 Injection Manual Wira). The optimized speed per fuel usage as advertised was 8.9 liter per 100 km/h at the speed of 90 km/h. I was wondering whether this is true, well I did better than that with various speed!!!

It was at Night :: Less heat at nite. Less heat - less grip - less burden = better acceleration + less fuel consumption.

10 o'clock till 2.15 am :: The more important thing is less car - less braking - constant speed + less acceleration = less fuel consumption again!!!

I poured in Shell gasoline :: Very well known as the most effective gasoline for more mileage with less fuel consumption beside Projet. I dun believe in Petronas. Sometimes I'd use caltex for Highway use but shell provide better acceleration. Shell is still the best (I know it's an american Oil & Gas company but I'd opt for better value for my money and time).
ps :: Sorry for the late update. Somebody asked for simple English. Yeah.. The article now becomes longer :p

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