March 4, 2004

Memory :: Does it related to your eye sight?

My right eye was red :: Due to nothing, my right eye was so red on Tuesday. I could still recall that I've removed my contact lens and keep it in the case caredully the nite before. In the morning, I remembered the uncomfortable feeling caused by my right eye lense but i was like ignoring it since i do think it's such a normal thing to happen. It happens almost everyday. I went to work early and do things as usual. In the afternoon, a colleague told me that my right eye look irritative to him as it was so red. I said I don't know why maybe it's normal. Then I was out with Liza to KLCC, to actually watch the movie. We were at the Chilli's at first, loitering there watching pool game while enjoying the refillable food there.. My right eye were getting very much irritating. Went to the toilet and it was.. wow I'm a flaming red-eye ghost!

The next day :: I slept in Serdang the nite before. As my eye were still red, I don't dare to put it on. Yeah, it was funny to have a monoscopic (single eyesight) view. I hardly estimate the distance, i've to drive slowly, hardly change the driving lane. Wow. Now I understand how hard it is being a goat or cow (as they do enjoy monoscopic eye sight as I do now hehehehe). I stop my car as early as I could, as it is still far ahead and feel funny about it. Maybe I have to have a single eyesight to be a good driver. Mannnn.. i was real careful...

Art :: ?????
What do I remember :: Hmm this is even funnier. I hardly remember things i do, things i saw, people i met. Why? Does this one eye sight does effect my memory as well? I hardly remember things I do.

The next day :: I wore both contact lenses. What a relief!!! Then I starting to remember things

Friday :: Gggrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!! I lost one of my contact lenses. I'm a one eyed man again!!!!
State of the ART :: This may apply for those who have bad eyesight or nearly blind like me. If you want to have a bad day, or you want to forget things happened in a day, or maybe u wanna know nothing about the day you're going through, just let one of your eye to be able to see and let the other just like that. It's much more difficult to look at things rather than by seeing with one eye.

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