April 2, 2012

How to unlock your Wii (v4.3) for FREE - the Pre-requisites

The benefits of unlocking your Wii:

  1. You can start to play all the downloaded Wii games from the Internet (can save more money to buy accessories)
  2. You can play games from your backup CDs (I don't want to mention pirated :p)
  3. You can play DVD on your Wii
  4. You can turn your Wii into a Media Center
  5. You will no longer have to insert/remove CDs to play your games. Everything can be saved in your USB storage disk
Everything can be done for free. Don't ever pay to anyone to buy the unlocking software. It's available for free on the internet. Please get these items ready before unlocking your Wii.

  1. A running set of Wii of course. Please ensure it's upgraded to the latest version 4.3
  2. Fast Internet - To download all the necessary tools; and later to download the game
  3. SD card (not the SDHC) with capacity of 1 or 2 GB.
  4. The original copy of LEGO Batman: The video game
  5. A USB storage to keep the Wii games later
I will be writing in the steps required in the next entry. I will provide all the require files, all in one zip files. so you can just copy all the files into your SD card and start unlocking your Wii. 

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