July 24, 2005

This week on slash-dot-t-blog

After fishing, I was supposed to be going back to JB but I was asked to stay in Seremban as my father is coming.

So it was another day in Seremban, which the whole day I spent on the Internet, doing nothing. It was like heaven. For me, Internet was really like heaven. Anything I would wanted for, are there, even not every single thing. My life and Internet was something like unbreakable.

But for the past 5 days. I was Internet-Less. So no update to the blog as well.

Then, and the last Tuesday, I went up to KL, and managed to play Futsal for the first time in 2005. I was dying. It was really tiring and I can't even lift my legs. Towards the end, I'm getting better and managed to score 2 goals.

That's what we call a "STRIKER", whom I used to be..

So later that nite, I went off to Bukit Bintang and stayed at a hotel there with my father and his friend, Amir. The next day, I was stay in the hotel room, watching TV. Then had lunch at the ship before we made a move back to Seremban and back to JB, on Wednesday.

So for Thursday Friday, I was just at home, doing nothing than watching TV.

And last nite, the last workshop for Malaysian Idol, where I was hoping that Adam will be picked by the judges, even though he was not doing as well as when he was contesting himself in the earlier workshop.

And tonite, Akma was voted out when other people like Yazer or Kefli who were more eligible to be voted out, survived and stay for another week at least.

Tomorrow, the family of my sister's boyfriend will be coming for a discreet pre-engagement discussion to discuss on the wedding thingy, so there's a lot to be talked about tomorrow, not forgetting about all the food that we have to prepare.

And julie has just denying the fact that people are actually giving more attention towards Mawi, instead of not giving him a single chance to make a mistake. For me, it's good that everyone is deeply care about every single mistake that he did. Everyone gives more attention to him, so that everyone can't afford to let him make a mistake, so that's why other contestant was not given such a care. So it's good for him right? If I'm Mawi, I would be so happy that every loves me so much.

But people are so stupid to look at it negatively by thinking that people are so jealous of his popularity, and tried to condemn him in anyway we could. That's very wrong.

Am tired, gotta sleep now..

July 18, 2005

The joy of fishing....!

Can you see how I'm smiling there?

I thought I was late when I woke up again at 5.00 of my watch. I was first waken up by 4.30 by my 20-minutes-early handphone time. When I reached Projet Senawang at around 5.10, then I only knew that Rosli were just made his move from Bangi few minutes ago. Pity my sister as she has to wait with me at the gas station.

I think he arrived at around 5.40 AM that Sunday morning. Together with Syahril, we started our journey to Endau/Rompin, a place where I myself has never been to neither.

Through Senawang, Ulu Bendul, Kuala Pilah, Batu Kikir, Serting, Muadzam, Rompin then Endau. Somewhere before Rompin, we had a break for morning breakfast. Then to Endau to buy rations on the boat.

Quite a number of items we bought and later we made our move to the Jetty where we're supposed to be departed to the sea. I took my bath, just to make myself easy and comfortable.

The only thing I'm so worry about is the sea sickness. I even prepared myself some dizzy pills.

At around 12 o'clock, I stepped on the boat and we departed. As the effect of the pills, I felt so sleepy so I slept till the boat stopped.

I've made it. I'm not dizzy and this is good. Without wasting any time, I prepared the fishing rod with apollo, which means the rod connected into a series of hooks. This is really enjoyable as everytime I put 'em in, at least a fish will get hooked. Obviously, it may caused by the fresh bait we use, which was the squid that was just caught by Rosli.

Abu, Syahril, Rosli.

While busy getting more and more fish, they're all started to have their lunch. I was in doubt as I may get into sickness if I take my lunch, but I was way too hungry for trying to forget my lunch.

Then, I took the packed Rice, together with Chicken Masak Merah and some veggies.

A disaster then, when I started to feel dizzy. I kept lying down, as I lift my head up, I'll started to feel like to throw out. As I closed my eyes, I kept my ears opened as to alert myself of anything that will happen.

Then as I woke up, it's already 10.30 p.m when I heard such a loud voices of people as they're just found something. Abu has just caught a big mackerel (Tenggiri) whish was estimated at 8-10 kg.

That was a sudden joy before I put my head back down and continue my sleeping. I was all worried about my durability of eyes as a very long period wear of contact lensed will surely do something bad.

It was way too dizzy for me. I was trying to hold but it seems so hard. The wave were quite heavy and the boat was like a drunken dancing boat. Even the boat 'Tekong" was getting mad with the situation and I can even heard him "Yelled" to the boat for dancing way too much.

Then I heard him cooking the sardine. That made me to become even worse. My stomach is about to come out but I was still holding it tight. Then I heard noises, I think someone must have been caught something big then.

Then, it was somewhere in the middle of the night, I saw Rosli was alone waiting for his bait to get eaten by the fish. This was not as joy as my previous visit to Pulau Sembilan a year ago, where in the midle of the night, I was still fishing and keep getting more and more fishes.

I stepped down the platform and tried to stay awake as to keep rosli accompanied. But I was too dizzy. I laid down on the bench that was made of two pieces of sawn timber. It was not too big but was wide enough to hold my body from falling down from it. My back was way too pain as the bench were not levelled properly. One piece was lower than another. But I was sleeping on it till somewhere near 5AM and Rosli asked me lie down on the floor.

I stay the same till somewhere near 7 and woke up. A few more people has waken up too. I get my Rod and started fishing. But it seems that no one is having luck this morning.

We moved on to other places. I don't know the time moved so fast then. They even took brekfast but I was just looking. Was hungry too but my dizziness is something I can't stand.

Then it was nearly twelve. We packed up and get ready to get back to the mainland. As reached the place, we took shower and started our journey back.

It was not so fun, but I had fun. Getting dizzy on the sea really had helped me to forget every single problem I'm having now..

Summary of Top singing contest of this week....

Malaysian Idol :: Farah, Trish and Daniel was voted in. Overall performance for this week was average. Nobody has really made an outstanding performance.

Akademia Fantasia 3 week 7 :: Ekin was voted out. Kefli who has been getting the lowest vote everyday was again survived. That's the power of vote by the folks.

July 17, 2005

Things about reality TV

People are obviously getting obsessed with this reality TV programme.

To be exact, the Akademi Fantasia..

I knew one person who has been really obsessed with Akademi Fantasia. He even feel humiliated when Roslan Aziz, one of the Malaysian Idol judge, watch AF for the first time.

Logically, Roslan Aziz might be busy with things, and he may not be able to watch AF. People like me too, always get other things to do, not like some people, who were so obsessed with the reality TV show, who would be sacrificing anything, just to watch the reality TV show.

I'm the kind who would wanna watch these program too, but not to be as so belonged to those things, as this week, I was only able to watch the first 4 of Malaysian Idol workshop 3, and the last 3 contestants for AF's 7th concert.

I know a guy who refused appointments with his Japs counterparts to do a meeting on Saturday night as they've just arrived in KL this morning. The reason :: Akademi Fantasia.

And I was supposed to be in the meeting as well. He confirmed this meeting months ago. This is just too bad,

Back to Roslan Aziz's comment, he said that Mawi would not have to sing, he admitted that MAWI's charisma is something that Malaysian Idol's contestant should be having too.

And a friend of mine gets irritated, and she called me for about 45 minutes, just to talk about what Roslan Aziz told the interviewer.

At the end of the conversation, after 45 minutes of not given a single chance to talk, I said "Why don't you just call him and tell him instead of me?"

Well, as for me, I'm to admit that the wait for MAWI to give his best has ended for me. He did give his best performance ever tonight, but he may still not even up to par with Marsha, not even Amylea as well. I do like his performance tonight, even he was still as stiff as usual.

And for Felix, he's actually declining. Remember when he sang Nash's song, he has no problem with high notes. My previous respect to him is now questionable as I myself would be able to sing Fantasia Bulan Madu without having to get into my Falsetto range. For Felix, he had to use his falsetto. What happened to his voice before? Or maybe he was technically wrong in singing method previously?

I don't really understand with those people who are getting obsessed with these programs. To comment or suggest on other people's opinion is something healthy i guess but to express your feelings towards their says, is not so tolerable for me. The act of a friend to call me for 45 minutes is ridiculously unworthy.

What does she gets for expressing whatever she felt about Roslan Aziz's opinion Malaysian Idol's official portal? A waste of 45 minutes of phone bill. And the message is going no where. Wasted my 45 minutes that I was supposed to be concentrating on the pain from the massage I was having.

Come on guys, let's just watch, or if you wanna vote, just do it. To comment, fine. To fight over, or to argue about it, please don't. It's a total waste of time. As I said, the result was determined by the folks. And not everyone might be having a very good background about music.

And I had a friend who was very good at playing guitar, but he had never able to sing at the right note. I don't know why. So that might describe about most of the voters. One of the MAS's best fan of last year's AF2, was a Karaoke regular. We gotta know each other in some karaoke function, and every single staff at that karaoke centre seems to know him well. We made it to a together session and blegh. I taught he was a good singer. And he said,

"even though Mas was not that good, some off-pitch of her singing would be very neglective."

What the Heck.. Such an Obsession. Fanatical. Uweks. I'm to throw out...

So as those fanatical of these program.

It's very fine to watch, or to follow, but not to be carried away of it. Wouldn't you be sick of getting calls from a few people just to talk about Akademi Fantasia every day. And if a person would call me at least twice a day, what if 8-9 person calling me everyday just to talk about these craps. For me, enough with watching. And maybe vote. I was about not to vote this year, but I did it once to save Aidil from being taken out, but I failed too.

What with being irritated or humiliated if Roslan does sounds like demoting AF over his Malaysian Idol program? So what? Why should you get mad about it? Is it because you've spent so much on voting so you feel like you're part of the stakeholders?

Well, do you have any voice on what should happened in AF?

I don't think so -sigh-

Why don't we just watch, vote and wait for the result, rather than making unnecessary sins from cursing and swearing in the ch15, or wasting your energy to do something unnecessary like giving opinion over other's opinion without any respect at all? Roslan for me, not to mention about his personal life background, he has been in the entertainment industry for so long, much longer than Kudsia Kahar herself, and more knowledgable, he had the says that we should at least respect, even not 100% correct. He may have his own reason for not watching AF. Please respect that.

Congratulations to ASTRO. You've made it. The sad thing was, people are getting carried away. Too carried away. Worst, most are Malays, who were in front of the ch15 almost 24 hours chatting through SMS. And I'm sick of my sister insisting to switch to CH15 everytime, just to read all those nonsense, while I'm supposed to watch Discovery or movies on HBO, Cinemax or Starmovies.

I'm to get back to work seriously next week. I'm going fishing tomorrow. Only will be back on Monday, and right to JB on Monday from Seremban.


again and again....

July 12, 2005

Malaysian Idol :: Result of Workshop 3

As I predicted, Nita went through, together with Ash and Eejay.

An upset when Adam was not picked by the malaysian folks to go through.

Anyway, there are still hope for Adam. Out of 3 workshops, only 9 contestants will be voted in, 3 from each workshops.

There will be one vacancy that will be filled in through judges pick. As they love Adam so much, I think they'll be picking Adam. Well, I'm not pretty sure about this though. If this is wrong, please let me know.

I was really hoping that Adam may proceed his way to the Finale of Malaysian Idol.

We need more real singers to be in Malaysian Idol.

July 10, 2005

Malaysian Idol....

Yeah, after Akademi Fantasia (AF), I will then watch Malaysian Idol (Repeat) on TV3, 11.30 AM on Sunday Morning.

I would say, I fell in love with Nita.

She's gorgeous and she made me to look at the TV when she sang, while I was reading today's newspaper.

The reason why I didn't watch the live televast of Malaysian Idol every Friday Night was, I would normally go out with my parents at that time. Last Friday, the show was over just after my mom switched the TV on.

I'm hoping that she'll be voted in. Just wait for the result tonite.

And people were still talking about the incident Aidil spontaneously did last nite on Akademi Fantasia...

Tomorrow is already Monday. Gotta set myself up to work tomorrow. It's going to be a very busy dah I suppose...

Malaysian Malays :: Things that are part of their life..!

As a Malaysian Malay, I must admit that there are a few things that were like well-blended into our mind and heart. Whether to get 'high' or to talk about it.

Malaysian Malays, are very keen into Politics. Name it, any kind of things that will involve vote casting, no matter in the real Parliamentary Politics or Entertainment, the Malays will be busy getting involve with it.

And malays are also busy with attending convention and seminars. If u go around those activities around, u would see, from the policemen, the security people guarding the building, the commissioners, staffs, what ever people in the seminar, even the participers, would be mainly Malays.

In politics, the most recent update, The 3rd person in the Malaysia's biggest Political Party, which is UMNO was with no mercy being put down as to be found guilty of what they said as "Money Politics"

For most of the generic Malay people who would be listening to any Political Event update, they would see Tan Sri Isa Samad as someone who were badly into bribery of politics.

All this while, I'm seeing him as a Dwarven Hero who had been doing his job well, protecting the lands of Negri Sembilan from being greedly sold or taken by the royalty or the outsiders, especially the singaporean, as what has been happening in Johor. I'm staying in Johor now.

No matter how he made money for himself, he has protected the dignity of the land he has been serving for the past 22 years. As the youngest Menteri Besar of a state, even though Seremban is not getting as much as development as Melaka, Negeri Sembilan has been concentrating on the development of these these two areas :: Nilai/Sepang, Port Dickson.

As a state which is one of the smallest after Melaka and Perlis, and lesser income compared to Selangor, Penang and Johor, how do u expect Negeri Sembilan to grow in terms on economy?

Timber? How big is Negeri Sembilan? Tourism? Compare to Melaka? Industry? That's why Nilai/Senawang has been developed for this purpose but the port is just too far. Maybe by the development of Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA, which actually built in Sepang, Negeri Sembilan, not even in the Selangor territory), it will a lil bit enhance the growth of industry sector which is now in the 'sickening' season as Malaysia is no longer a 'Low Cost' country, as compared to 20 years ago.

In the last year's election of UMNO, some people has been greatly put into effort of putting this great Dwarven Hero down his throne by simply influenced him to give out some pocket money for petrol but in the end, it was later revert to 'Bribe to get a vote'.

Shame to you people who had been doing that. I know Isa Samad as a normal human would be doing a lotsa mistake, but why his effort to fight the royalty from doing whatever they like should be the cause of why you should be working with those people who has been the 'Internal Enemy' to their own Malay nation?

I should say that sometimes those royalty families are meant to destroy their own folks.

So shame...

AF3 :: Aidil left with dignity....

Almost in every newspaper, those writer are not only talking about AF3, but they'll also specifically talk about MAWI, who happened to be the most popular contestant.

Last nite, I think I love Aidil's last performance. For the first time ever, that was his Best Performance, no joke. Even though not as good as Marsha or Amylia, he was doing fine, with a tremendous improvement compared to his previous shows. That has caused me to cast 10 votes, which is my first time in this season.

And as usual Mawi sucks, but Felix sucks too. Anyway Felix is a champion in the showmanship. And I don't know why people ranked Mawi's performance as the best, but it's just some other opinion that I should respect.

I think Marsha or Amylia should be crowned as having the best performance last nite even though these performance would not effect their position.

Others? Others would be fine and I'm pretty sure they would be able to stay at least for 2-3 weeks,

Some other people has also been commenting on the daily activities being aired in the Diaries. Some has also been watching the Extended Diary on the net, which I've also subscribed but I can't have extended time to watch the whole one hour of each movies.

The issues of Amylia are considered settled. Aidil made a gimmick last nite when he pretended to got heart attack after his elimination was announced.

This would be my rating of last nite's performance, based on their showmanship, singing quality as scoping in the vocal and pitching attack, and how the performance would attract to watch as just to listen (because I would normally listen to them singing, not watching, bad singing would cause to me to look as well) and also how does the performance gave me an impact as to remember the performance.

1. Amylea - Hati Ini Telah Dilukai (i like the part when Felix gets in with harmony)
2. Marsha - Destiny (if she can project her voice like Norah Jones, walla!)
3. Aidil - Matahari (Yeah, was it the cursed stairs?)
4. Felix - Smooth (player.. player!!)
5. Mawi - Memori Cinta Luka (I looked at him, so I have to put him here upper than those I did not see)
6. Yazer - Cinta Kilat
7. Ekin - Warna
8. Akma - Hati Keliru
9. Kefli - Kenang Daku Dalam Doamu (I don't even remember watching/listening to his singing)

And some small issues like why Mawi is always given the almost the last turn in every single concert? Astro were just afraid of what they themselves has created. As reported in almost rehearsal concert, people would just leave after Mawi performed.

Too bad, isn't it Astro?

July 8, 2005

Akademi Fantasia 3 (AF3) :: Stupidly Hotter

It's shameful, as the whole AF3 Diary aired on Astro Ria yesterday was all about Amylea crying like my 7 years old sister.

No matter whut, I'm crazed to listen to her singing (as I'm actually 'listenin' to AF concerts, not watchin 'em).

And all this while everyone in that bungalow had the same feelings towards Amylea.

To despise her, for being such a show off and nuisance towards the others.

And I repulsively fed up with her when she unnoticedly demanded to be getting an award for International Artiste in a dummy grammy award ceremony in the English class.

I don't see in anyway that her English is good enuff though. Mine too.

I love her singing no matter what other people were saying about her. She just got the right pitch and tone. Even her dictions were bad though.

I'm not so urged to write about the Akademi Fantasia anyway as there are so many other blogs out there were writing about it. Not just writing but a complete coverage of what's going on.

As a result oriented person, I'm the kind who would like to watch and see. Not to be really updated by every single scene of AF like some people, who are now living their life for AF.

AFUNDI, chat@15, surfing every single blog about AF, joining the Mailing list of each of AF contestants, subscribing to AFExtra, those AF maniacs, I salute them all for being so devoted for I would say, a lil bit of a waste.

Of their time, money and energy. Which these 3 elements are actually can be spent into other better things.

And even me was spending my precious time today just to speak out what I felt about these nonsense.

Hahaha.. amylea amylea..

London Blast...!

London was still in the festive mood celebrating their achievement for hosting the 2012 Olympic, 7 years from now.

Not even 24 hours after, London was again mentioned in the news, but this time they were startled by the blasts of 6 tube stations and 3 buses.

And simply they accused the Muslim Fundamental terrorist for doing the act, based on certain assumptions and clues, without any concrete facts and proof.

What's happening with the the so called 1ST NATIONS who were said to be more civilised and modern. They simply turned back to their time of ignorance back in the centuries of Kingdoms before the modern parliament took over.

As they would simply accused people and execute the punishment before any trial. If there are any, it would be so unfair.

And why would the so said Muslim Fundamental Terrorists to attack so little people, and why this time it was not even reported in their custom website. And why it happened just after London was announced as the Host for 2012 Olympic? What are the connection of the London Folks to all the unfairness of terrorized war in the whole world? They were not the people who decide whether England should be sending their troops to IRAQ?

And being a terrorist, why should I attack the people while I can actually attack those leaders who caused all those riots and havocs, just at the upper north of England?

My point is, I don't think it was done by the muslim fundamental terrorist.

The blast must have been done by those who were unhappy by the decision to make London the host for 2005's Olympic.

And to feel better, they simply blame Muslim Terrorist.

As simple as that?

(I pray for anyone I know in Britain to be safe)

July 6, 2005

Reality TV fever...!

Malaysian Idol or Akademi Fantasia 3 (AF3).

And now a lot more. Mentor, Malaysian Top Host. What else.

Their results are always like shit. Latest shitty result was in Mentor when Siti Nurhaliza's and Liza Hanim's student were eliminated, Fahmi and Dewi.

It's not that because I like both of the Mentor (siti and Liza), both contestant aren't that bad. Fahmi is really good and Dewi was outstanding.

From Akademi Fantasia, the big lost was when Idayu was taken out. But, coincidentally, earlier that week her father was robbed at his house and that has made me to come out with a conspiracy theory,

Earlier, even the Member of Parliament (MP) discussed about AF3 in the parliament (which is embarassing) by complaining about the effects of AF3 program towards morality of the younger folks, how the program is actually cause people to spend more money towards the thing that is unnecessary beneficial (and they've also increased the SMS cost from RM0.50 to RM0.65) and a lot more.

The latest and happiest moment of AF3 when Reza was taken out. He's not supposed to be there. Why? I'm not gonna elaborate as malaysians were all very clear that the whole concert arena cheered and clapped happily when he was announced to leave the show.

Back to Malaysian Idol, I agreed with Julie a friend of mine that Faizull the rocker is going to be getting a lot of atention, just like what Paul Moss have said too.

And these reality TV programs has got Blogs of people who likes to state their perspectives and views too especially Akademi Fantasia and Malaysian Idol.

Now I would declare the War of the Reality TVs (I just watched war of the world today, and not only that, I went to Karaoke also. hehehe)

Farah's Birthday

I feel lazy to go to the office, so been lazy to do anything else as well..

Monday, July 4th 2004 was Farah's birthday. I bought her a Chocolate Blackforest cake from Jusco's bakery.

She is seven now.

But is it normal to have a feeling that she's not gonna be someone who can think like someone who is at her age. I'm not sure whether she's actually been thinking complicatedly over something, or maybe she get scared to get scolded for doing a mistake, she thought things differently.

I was once like that. I was always look at thing at make it such a big thing while it's supposed to be simple.

But I do believe it will only happen under pressure. I used to solve a simple science problem of a project group representing my school (and I was not the group member) in a competition.

As I was always a troublemaker, I freak the hell of out of them with my stupid tricks and words. They were mad and asked me to shut the hell up. As I came closer, I said sorry and asked them why everyone looked deeply stressed?

They were thinking of a solution of how to smoothen the surface of the table made of strips of newspaper.

I suggested a stupid idea but they jumped for joy!

They managed to represent the southern region in the national level. I was as usual folling around while they were achieving what they wanted.

And about my sister, i've no idea whether she is in depression or under pressure. She has not experiencing any the symptom. She is quite clever in school. I reckon she understand every single thing being taught and said by the teacher. She has no problem in understanding and executing instructions.

Last night, one funny thing happened. She had a 'Jawi' writing homework. There was a list of 6 acts/jobs. The instruction written was,

"Tulis 'baik' atau 'buruk'"

which means

"Write 'good' or 'bad'"

(tulis = write, baik = good, atau = or, buruk = bad)

into the acts/jobs stated. As the answers were baik, buruk, baik and at the item no 4 was also baik, she started to get confused with no reason. She cried by saying it's not suppoed to be like this.

The forth item was "mengajar" (teaching). She erased the word 'baik'. I wasn't watching her till my mom came and scolded her, and me as well.

"Along, y don't u watch what your sister is doing. U see, she wrote "tulis" (write) into the blank.

And as usual, I laugh like mad!

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