July 17, 2005

Things about reality TV

People are obviously getting obsessed with this reality TV programme.

To be exact, the Akademi Fantasia..

I knew one person who has been really obsessed with Akademi Fantasia. He even feel humiliated when Roslan Aziz, one of the Malaysian Idol judge, watch AF for the first time.

Logically, Roslan Aziz might be busy with things, and he may not be able to watch AF. People like me too, always get other things to do, not like some people, who were so obsessed with the reality TV show, who would be sacrificing anything, just to watch the reality TV show.

I'm the kind who would wanna watch these program too, but not to be as so belonged to those things, as this week, I was only able to watch the first 4 of Malaysian Idol workshop 3, and the last 3 contestants for AF's 7th concert.

I know a guy who refused appointments with his Japs counterparts to do a meeting on Saturday night as they've just arrived in KL this morning. The reason :: Akademi Fantasia.

And I was supposed to be in the meeting as well. He confirmed this meeting months ago. This is just too bad,

Back to Roslan Aziz's comment, he said that Mawi would not have to sing, he admitted that MAWI's charisma is something that Malaysian Idol's contestant should be having too.

And a friend of mine gets irritated, and she called me for about 45 minutes, just to talk about what Roslan Aziz told the interviewer.

At the end of the conversation, after 45 minutes of not given a single chance to talk, I said "Why don't you just call him and tell him instead of me?"

Well, as for me, I'm to admit that the wait for MAWI to give his best has ended for me. He did give his best performance ever tonight, but he may still not even up to par with Marsha, not even Amylea as well. I do like his performance tonight, even he was still as stiff as usual.

And for Felix, he's actually declining. Remember when he sang Nash's song, he has no problem with high notes. My previous respect to him is now questionable as I myself would be able to sing Fantasia Bulan Madu without having to get into my Falsetto range. For Felix, he had to use his falsetto. What happened to his voice before? Or maybe he was technically wrong in singing method previously?

I don't really understand with those people who are getting obsessed with these programs. To comment or suggest on other people's opinion is something healthy i guess but to express your feelings towards their says, is not so tolerable for me. The act of a friend to call me for 45 minutes is ridiculously unworthy.

What does she gets for expressing whatever she felt about Roslan Aziz's opinion Malaysian Idol's official portal? A waste of 45 minutes of phone bill. And the message is going no where. Wasted my 45 minutes that I was supposed to be concentrating on the pain from the massage I was having.

Come on guys, let's just watch, or if you wanna vote, just do it. To comment, fine. To fight over, or to argue about it, please don't. It's a total waste of time. As I said, the result was determined by the folks. And not everyone might be having a very good background about music.

And I had a friend who was very good at playing guitar, but he had never able to sing at the right note. I don't know why. So that might describe about most of the voters. One of the MAS's best fan of last year's AF2, was a Karaoke regular. We gotta know each other in some karaoke function, and every single staff at that karaoke centre seems to know him well. We made it to a together session and blegh. I taught he was a good singer. And he said,

"even though Mas was not that good, some off-pitch of her singing would be very neglective."

What the Heck.. Such an Obsession. Fanatical. Uweks. I'm to throw out...

So as those fanatical of these program.

It's very fine to watch, or to follow, but not to be carried away of it. Wouldn't you be sick of getting calls from a few people just to talk about Akademi Fantasia every day. And if a person would call me at least twice a day, what if 8-9 person calling me everyday just to talk about these craps. For me, enough with watching. And maybe vote. I was about not to vote this year, but I did it once to save Aidil from being taken out, but I failed too.

What with being irritated or humiliated if Roslan does sounds like demoting AF over his Malaysian Idol program? So what? Why should you get mad about it? Is it because you've spent so much on voting so you feel like you're part of the stakeholders?

Well, do you have any voice on what should happened in AF?

I don't think so -sigh-

Why don't we just watch, vote and wait for the result, rather than making unnecessary sins from cursing and swearing in the ch15, or wasting your energy to do something unnecessary like giving opinion over other's opinion without any respect at all? Roslan for me, not to mention about his personal life background, he has been in the entertainment industry for so long, much longer than Kudsia Kahar herself, and more knowledgable, he had the says that we should at least respect, even not 100% correct. He may have his own reason for not watching AF. Please respect that.

Congratulations to ASTRO. You've made it. The sad thing was, people are getting carried away. Too carried away. Worst, most are Malays, who were in front of the ch15 almost 24 hours chatting through SMS. And I'm sick of my sister insisting to switch to CH15 everytime, just to read all those nonsense, while I'm supposed to watch Discovery or movies on HBO, Cinemax or Starmovies.

I'm to get back to work seriously next week. I'm going fishing tomorrow. Only will be back on Monday, and right to JB on Monday from Seremban.


again and again....

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