July 10, 2005

AF3 :: Aidil left with dignity....

Almost in every newspaper, those writer are not only talking about AF3, but they'll also specifically talk about MAWI, who happened to be the most popular contestant.

Last nite, I think I love Aidil's last performance. For the first time ever, that was his Best Performance, no joke. Even though not as good as Marsha or Amylia, he was doing fine, with a tremendous improvement compared to his previous shows. That has caused me to cast 10 votes, which is my first time in this season.

And as usual Mawi sucks, but Felix sucks too. Anyway Felix is a champion in the showmanship. And I don't know why people ranked Mawi's performance as the best, but it's just some other opinion that I should respect.

I think Marsha or Amylia should be crowned as having the best performance last nite even though these performance would not effect their position.

Others? Others would be fine and I'm pretty sure they would be able to stay at least for 2-3 weeks,

Some other people has also been commenting on the daily activities being aired in the Diaries. Some has also been watching the Extended Diary on the net, which I've also subscribed but I can't have extended time to watch the whole one hour of each movies.

The issues of Amylia are considered settled. Aidil made a gimmick last nite when he pretended to got heart attack after his elimination was announced.

This would be my rating of last nite's performance, based on their showmanship, singing quality as scoping in the vocal and pitching attack, and how the performance would attract to watch as just to listen (because I would normally listen to them singing, not watching, bad singing would cause to me to look as well) and also how does the performance gave me an impact as to remember the performance.

1. Amylea - Hati Ini Telah Dilukai (i like the part when Felix gets in with harmony)
2. Marsha - Destiny (if she can project her voice like Norah Jones, walla!)
3. Aidil - Matahari (Yeah, was it the cursed stairs?)
4. Felix - Smooth (player.. player!!)
5. Mawi - Memori Cinta Luka (I looked at him, so I have to put him here upper than those I did not see)
6. Yazer - Cinta Kilat
7. Ekin - Warna
8. Akma - Hati Keliru
9. Kefli - Kenang Daku Dalam Doamu (I don't even remember watching/listening to his singing)

And some small issues like why Mawi is always given the almost the last turn in every single concert? Astro were just afraid of what they themselves has created. As reported in almost rehearsal concert, people would just leave after Mawi performed.

Too bad, isn't it Astro?

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