July 10, 2005

Malaysian Idol....

Yeah, after Akademi Fantasia (AF), I will then watch Malaysian Idol (Repeat) on TV3, 11.30 AM on Sunday Morning.

I would say, I fell in love with Nita.

She's gorgeous and she made me to look at the TV when she sang, while I was reading today's newspaper.

The reason why I didn't watch the live televast of Malaysian Idol every Friday Night was, I would normally go out with my parents at that time. Last Friday, the show was over just after my mom switched the TV on.

I'm hoping that she'll be voted in. Just wait for the result tonite.

And people were still talking about the incident Aidil spontaneously did last nite on Akademi Fantasia...

Tomorrow is already Monday. Gotta set myself up to work tomorrow. It's going to be a very busy dah I suppose...

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